The containment parisian Genevieve Morissette

Le confinement parisien de Geneviève Morissette

The tray Drucker, the stage of the Olympia, the articles in the press and a tour in the French-speaking world : the business and affairs of the Québec Geneviève Morissette were going rather well in France when the coronavirus has returned the world to the house. It would have been well aware of this ball of energy that to think that it would be beneficial to take it easy.

“I am deeply involved in creative initiatives,” says the bubbly artist with long red hair, in a conversation recent video on Messenger.

Regularly since she is confined in his apartment in the district of Ménilmontant, in Paris, she met online capsules featuring, in words or in songs, but always with a sense of humor, which she has dubbed the Morissette Show.

“A lot of people write to me to thank me for making them smile, touch them and entertain them.”

She has also taken part in the recording of the song Tribu arc-en-ciel, a project of a group of artist whose revenues will be given to the nursing staff. A full album will follow with the song It gives you courage, to be signed by the province of Quebec.

A album distance

Through it all, Genevieve Morissette manages to devote a large part of its energies to the creation of his new album, expected later in 2020.

Contrary to his vow initial save in close, the creation is done at a distance with his director.

“We talk on the phone every day, and we found a way to work that I thought not possible. I am a girl of live, I hang around always with people, but I realize that it is possible to operate otherwise. It allows me more introspective.”

Supported by the State

Financially, it avoids disaster thanks to the support of the French State. As it has been installed for four years in France and she holds a work permit, Geneviève Morissette has of the regime of intermittence, a form of employment insurance, which provides for artists to receive compensation when they find themselves without a contract.

“This is the best system in the world,” declared the Quebec, aware of its privilege not to worry with the end of the month.

However, this is not the joy to all the world in one of the countries hardest hit by the crisis. Geneviève Morissette realizes when she needs to go shopping, certificate of release in hand.

“The atmosphere is really creepy. People start to fear and it is absolutely necessary that you wear your mask,” she notes.

Paradoxically, even if she is away from his family, Geneviève Morissette says that she became closer to his family since the beginning of the crisis.

“In the beginning, Justin Trudeau said Canadians had to go. My heart was torn because I feel that I am away from my family in quebec,” says the one who has made a buddy in France.

“I spoke with my sister and my brother and we promised to keep, all together, on Skype. We call each other every night. It helps us in this difficult time and we are much closer. It is made for playing cards on the internet. We have invented other ways of being in relationship.”

► The song You give courage and its music video will be available on April 24. The proceeds will be donated to the hospitals of France.

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