The coronavirus could become seasonal, warns us expert

Le coronavirus pourrait devenir saisonnier, prévient un expert américain

WASHINGTON | It is likely that the Covid-19 can return according to seasonal cycles, warned Wednesday an american expert, highlighting the urgent need to find a vaccine and effective treatments.

Director of the national institute of infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci has pointed out in the press daily of the “task force” of the White House that the coronavirus began to spread in the countries of the Southern hemisphere, where winter arrives.

“If they are experiencing a major epidemic, it will be essential to be ready to face a second cycle,” warned the expert.

“This makes it even more important to develop a vaccine, test it quickly and ensure that it is ready and available for this next cycle,” he added.

Two clinical trials are ongoing in China and the United States for vaccines that might not be on the market before a year or a year and a half.

Treatments are also under study, of new drugs and other, already existing, such as the antimalarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

Dr Fauci suggested that the Covid-19 was better in cold weather than in a hot and humid climate, echoing a preliminary study of chinese are moving in this direction.

This is explained by the fact that the droplets that are expelled by the sick remain longer in the open air in the cold, and that the immune defenses are weakened by winter.

Another explanation potential: the viruses degrade more quickly on hot surfaces, the layer of fat protective that the envelope dries more quickly.

Infection rates reduced are not, however, synonymous with eradication of the virus. Nearly 2 500 cases of the coronavirus have been identified in Australia, which deplored 8 dead so far.

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