The cost of gasoline is higher in the East of the province

Le coût de l'essence est plus élevé dans l'Est de la province

The price of gasoline has been steadily rising since a few weeks. There is a larger cost to consumers in the regions of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie and Côte-Nord, where the price at the pump is between 1,07$, and$ 1.12 per litre.

For Quebec and Montreal, the price revolves around$ 1.08, whereas in the Centre-du-Québec, it is even lower, at 0.98 per litre.

Despite the increase in the barrel in regions more to the East, the cost at the pump is currently the realistic price evaluated by CAA-Quebec. It is this that indicates their platform Info Essence, a tool to perform a comparison between the average price displayed at the pump, and the index of realistic price.

However, for Montreal, and the Centre-du-Québec, the current price is lower than the realistic price according to CAA-Québec, which indicates that it is the right time to do the full.

“There are several things that affect the price of gasoline,” explained Normand Mousseau, director of the Institut de l’énergie Trottier at Polytechnique in Montreal.

“There is the price of oil has fluctuated a lot in recent times and that goes up slowly, he said. There are also the benefits that make the refiners as well as distributors. While it fluctuates in time as a function of the costs of purchases and conditions of the local market.”

According to his words, the increase in the price of oil in the region is mainly explained by the costs of transportation to the more remote areas as well as the lower competition between the distributors.

The rise seems more important, however, lately, while the entire province has seen the price of gasoline to decrease significantly in the previous months, in the time of a pandemic of the COVID-19.

“The key is that the fall in oil prices, said Mr Mousseau. It has dropped to about$ 20 per barrel of oil and there, one goes up, one is to 38-40 per barrel currently. There is also the value of the canadian dollar relative to the u.s. dollar.”

Once again this year, motorists will have to live with an increase in the price of gasoline at the pump in the summer period. The situation made him react more than one. “As soon as the holidays arrive, they increase the prices,” said a citizen.

“This is not correct because we are in the time where everyone needs help, said another lady. The price of a barrel has dropped, and we, we pay the increase at the pumps. I’m really not agree and the government should do something because it is unfair.”

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