The couple decided to save money and to combine marriage and a funeral

Молодожены решили сэкономить и совместить свадьбу с похоронами

A young couple due to lack of funds decided to combine the wedding with the funeral of an aunt. This bride wrote in the social network Facebook. Users immediately responded to this message, criticizing the newlyweds in the comments to the post, reports .

The bride and groom in order to save decided to utter an oath of eternal love to each other beside the open coffin with aunt Karen so that other relatives could congratulate them with a solemn event to say goodbye to the deceased.

The couple wrote in response, I’m sorry about the death of relatives, but his plans are not going to change, so the wedding will be held. They believe that funerals are very expensive, so in order to avoid unnecessary expenses that they can not afford, happy event they will combine with sad. The guys also asked guests not to be shy and come to say goodbye to the deceased during the celebration. The coffin will be standing nearby.

This sparked a very strong reaction from users of social network. They admitted that they don’t understand what the point of such a venture, and consider it inappropriate.

In September last year, a resident of the Philippines, got married at the funeral for her beloved, who died shortly before in a major accident. Zarina, who is only 19 years old, are unable to accept the loss of the groom. She decided to marry him even after his death. At the funeral a girl came in a white dress and even tried to put the ring on Jake’s hand during the marriage, but was unable to do so just put it in the palm of the guy.