The couple finds a vase in the attic of his house – but they don’t realize that it will change their lives forever

Семейная пара находит вазу на чердаке своего дома – но они совсем не догадываются, что она изменит их жизнь навсегда

I really like to watch TV, which tells about interesting Antiques. Every time someone finds a valuable historical thing, I think, what I feel its the owners, when they learn the true value and historical importance of the finds!

Sometimes it’s breathtaking how much can cost antique paintings, jewellery or ceramics. Ask a married couple from France, life has changed radically when they found the old vase in the attic of his house.

According to one of the world’s oldest auction houses, Sotheby’s, discovery of the French pair is incredibly rare. The couple was unpacking in the attic of his house, when among the mountains of junk stumbled upon an old box from-under footwear.

In the box was unusual vase that belonged to grandma and grandpa couple. This vase they got from their uncle. When the uncle died in 1947, in addition to this vase in his Paris apartment found other antiquities, such as ancient Chinese porcelain, two bathrobes with images of dragons, a cloth of yellow silk and unusual bronze mirror.

But this ancient vase, which is now owned by a French couple, was not just any old thing, becoming dusty in the attic.

When the couple found this vase, they immediately went to the Paris auction house, “Sotheby’s”, the experts estimated the cost of Antiques.

It turned out that this vase was created in the 18th century. But that’s not all – it belonged to the rulers of the Qing dynasty and was one of a kind.

“We just found an old vase in the attic. We found a real work of art, something like Michelangelo or Rembrandt. The vase can be attributed to the category of very rare, it was made for the Emperor of China”, — said the expert auction house Sotheby’s, Olivier Valmier in an interview with “NBC News”.

Experts have estimated rare vase in cost from 600,000 to 800,000 dollars.

But, when the vase went under the hammer, the auction house and the couple, who found the vase in the attic of his house, was shocked by the price for which an unnamed buyer wanted to buy it.

She was sold for almost $ 19 million, thus becoming the most expensive thing and the most expensive item of Chinese porcelain ever sold at Paris auction “Sotheby’s”.

“We don’t really like that vase, and my grandparents, too, probably, so she all this time had lain in the attic” — said one of the spouses in an interview with “AFP”.

One of the experts, Sotheby’s Henry Howard-Sneyd, said he believes that in the future there will be more such discoveries.

“Chinese art was worshipped and gathered in different European territories for centuries, but the importance of a number of works are sometimes forgotten over time. Given the interest in Chinese art among modern collectors, now is the time to carefully inspect their homes and attics and come to us with something unusual!”, — posted by Henry Howard-Sneyd in a press release, “Sotheby’s”.

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