The couple had a hard divorce. And when a new bride entered the house, she was shocked by the act of ex-wife

У супругов случился тяжёлый развод. А когда новая невеста вошла в дом, она была шокирована поступком бывшей жены

Divorce, provoked by the treachery of one of the spouses is always painful and painful for the second. As a rule, women suffer more and more, so they are more trusting and vulnerable person. However, during the carve-up of property the truth is on the side of the one who will be able to hire better lawyers and can provide more papers. And not always received all or the largest share turns out to be a victim.

Life story I want to tell you today, is unique in many ways. Wise Mature woman ex-husband traded for a young girl, found a way to outwit an army of the best lawyers that he hired to sue the former wife of the most valuable — family house where the couple lived for more than 30 years.

Yes, probably, someone already heard this story, it is not new, this case has already been discussed on the Internet. But every time I read this story with great pleasure, I admire the resourcefulness of a woman and believe that she became happy again. So…

The heroes of this true story, spread all over the world, his name is Gerald and Catherine. They had been married no less, and a whopping 37 years! Not every couple can boast such a period of life together. It would seem that this indicates a strong relationship, but suddenly the husband has a new young girlfriend, and he, without hesitation, has filed for divorce.

Newly-made bride named Catherine convinced the man that he did not give the family mansion of the former wife. Gerald did not leave the former spouse is no chance to hire the best lawyers in the region who still won the case, putting the ex-wife out the door of the house where she had lived for decades.

The former spouse was set to Catherine the condition that she had three days to pack up all my stuff and leave the house. Needless to say how it was a shame Catherine to leave the nest. But the woman did not argue with the former spouse, as against the lawyers, no arguing, Yes, and and nerves of iron.

By the expiration of its term Catherine Packed all her things and before leaving I decided last night to spend sitting by the fireplace and enjoying the final moments of stay in the home. She lit candles, opened a bottle of white wine and began to savor each minute, eating shrimp and wine remembering the pleasant moments of life in this place.

Just before the woman had a brilliant idea. She decided not to throw it in the garbage remnants of shrimp. What did Catherine? She was not lazy and hid the rest of the seafood in the ledge of every window in the house. You are already anticipating further development of events?

And finally, a happy Gerald with his new young wife Catherine moved into the empty house. At first, they enjoyed a family idyll, but a few days later the house began to feel some strange smell, gradually turning into unpleasant.

Catherine called the experts in cleaning of homes that conducted a thorough cleaning of all rooms, then well aired them. But the smell has not disappeared, but rather with each new day became stronger and more unpleasant.

Tired of fighting with a strange smell, dissatisfied Gerald decided to sell the house. However, anyone wishing to purchase a house immediately ran, he stepped on the threshold of the house and felt this horrible stench. The boss had to reduce the price. But for a small, it would seem that the money none of the potential buyers who have visited smelly house, did not want to contact him. In desperation, Gerald was forced to reduce the cost as much as ten times!

But wanting to buy a house is still not there, and then Gerald called his ex-wife. He told her that he was going to sell their house and that he already greatly reduced the price. Catherine, without hesitation, immediately, in a telephone conversation agreed to buy it. Gerald joy was not the limit, because he believed that finally got rid of the terrible home, having in his opinion a very good deal and also adding ex-wife problems.

With the meeting to conclude the contract of purchase and sale of pull did not. The next day the lawyers have already issued all the necessary papers, and in the evening satisfied with Catherine import their stuff back to their nest, which was used for many years. Among the boxes that the movers brought to the house could be seen brand new rods…

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