The court of Madrid acquitted Shakira in the case of plagiarism

Суд Мадрида оправдал Шакиру по делу о плагиате

The court of Madrid found the famous Colombian singer Shakira is innocent in the case of plagiarism. In it the singer accused the Cuban Lebanon, Castellano Valdes. About the Agency

According to valdés, the song by Shakira , which she recorded with Carlos Vives three years ago and which has gained on YouTube more than a billion three hundred million views, was the copied part of the song , written in the late 90s.

The first hearing took place two months ago. Then Valdes, and Shakira has denied all charges. The Colombian during his testimony sang both songs, clapping to set the rhythm. Thus singer wanted to demonstrate to the judges the difference between salsa, which says “I love you”, and Vallenato – music of her song “Bike”.

The court came to the conclusion that the text and music match-not just in the words, and similarities in melody no. In addition, the scale and the speed of the rhythm also vary.

“As a result, there is no plagiarism of the claims by the plaintiff in this statement,” – said in the text of the resolution passed by the judge of the arbitration court No. 12 of Madrid.

The prosecution may appeal within twenty days.

Note that in relation to Shakira in Spain conducted another trial. Next month she will appear before court on charges of tax evasion.