The COVID-19 gives me chills

La COVID-19 me donne des frissons

Editor’s NOTE : Our columnist Antoine Robitaille learned yesterday that it is the number of Quebecers with the COVID-19. He delivers us here his reflections on the past two weeks in which he lived.

Among the 10 new cases of COVID-19 identified in the National Capital, there is me. It’s funny to find yourself in this type of statistics. I feel in “good company” with some 3500 Quebec, some of which are severely affected, to which I wish to pass through.

This is Karine, nice and strict nurse, that I was told about it yesterday morning on the phone before I ask a series of questions.

I was just telling Saturday : fearing that they will be a ” covidien “, experiencing some of the symptoms, I asked to take a test. I got it on Wednesday.

So I had to wait five days.

Returned from France on 14 march, I am immediately put in isolation on the recommendations express my love blonde – passionate about public health which I lack – in a house of a family member, home free and kindly lent.

It can be seen on march 13, during his stay in France, where it would have been contaminated.

Symptoms on the later

The first eight days ? No sign of disease. My isolation was at home, reading.

Moments interspersed with sessions of Zwift (bike virtual on the basis of training), racing (at a distance), and even cross-country skiing on the Plains (away from others). A retirement work, reading and sport !

Our columnist Antoine Robitaille, photographed yesterday through the window of the house where he is confined since his return to Quebec.

Then on the 22nd, after a walk outside, first symptoms : chills.

At the time, I put the blame on the -14 °C outside this morning. Add muscle soreness nagging, plaguing the night especially in the legs. Strangely no fever.

Monday, a friend asked me if I still have the smell. In the media, we began to make links between the loss of this sense and the COVID-19.

This faculty is in me as well-developed as the “peninsula” located in the middle of my face, I rushed on my eau de Cologne : zero odor !

Same thing for my sports clothing elsewhere, an absolute impossibility. The concern I was therefore referred to from this point.

“A virus, it mutates…”

But there is nothing simple with the COVID. Of the six members of the film crew party in France from 10 to 14 march (for a documentary series that will be broadcast on Club illico), I am the only one to have “real” symptoms.

The other three undergo the test anyway : all negative. Sunday evening, as I have not yet received my result, I am reassured and tell me that I may have contracted something else.

When the verdict arrived yesterday morning, paradoxically, it’s been two days that I have virtually no symptoms.

I taste the foods, hear new smells with happiness (except for my gym clothes). A few chills residual : up to now, COVID-19 was much less difficult than my last flu, in 2018, that had me in bed for five days !

A doctor friend proposed this hypothesis : I seem to have been reached by what researchers call the COVID-19 ” S ” version.

According to preliminary studies of these chinese scholars, including the BBC and the New Scientist reported at the beginning of march, the ” S “would be” evolutionarily more ancient and less aggressive “than the” L “.

On the phone, I talk to Gaétan Barrette, a former Health minister, who sometimes makes me laugh (it’s therapeutic) : “Well, this would not be surprising, a virus, it mutates, it is what it is in life ! ”

To the right, he wears a mask on the day of her screening test last week in Quebec city.

Sense of smell and taste

Am I “lucky” to have been infected by a COVID-19 ” S ” ?

At first, it amuses the member of the FADOQ that I am (51 years) : loss of taste and smell would be in the “young people” !

The nurse Karine brings me back quickly on earth : this disease sometimes experiences several phases and after a lull, she comes back stronger.

Not to mention that on the radio, I hear a researcher of Trois-Rivières, Johannes Frasnelli, explain that the loss of sense of smell and taste indicates that the virus ” could travel to the brain and lead to cognitive difficulties “.

Nothing reassuring.

Several encourage me. “You’ll be immune ! You will be able to go on assignment in Italy ! ”

In addition, I would be “useful” : it takes in the ” herd “, of individuals who resist ! But there is nothing simple here, either : if it is the COVID-19 ” S “that I have, protects it fully against the” L ” ?

All of this uncertainty also gives me chills.

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