The COVID-19 has now reached the States in largely white and republican

La COVID-19 atteint maintenant les États majoritairement blancs et républicains

Just like me you may have heard comments to the effect that the COVID-19 was only applied to the large urban centres, mostly democrats. States whose population is very diverse and where there are a lot of representatives of minorities.

You can imagine that these States have been affected first because of their prominent role in terms of business and tourism. The COVID-19 is not involved in politics and it now affects the whole territory of the united states.

States who wish to the end of the déconfinement and urged the president to Trump speed up the process are all republicans. Data released yesterday by the demographer William H. Frey should encourage them to rethink their position, just as they should temper the enthusiasm of the president. Once again, it is a reminder that a déconfinement and an economic stimulus too fast could have consequences.

The analysis of the data allows us to see quickly that if republican States believed that they were immune from the virus or that the instructions of public health officials, could be applied in a more flexible manner, they are in error. The situation has evolved in the last few weeks and we can only observe an increase in cases of infection.

COVID-19’s recent spread shifts to suburban, whiter, and more Republican-leaning areas

Source William H. Frey

A common feature of the regions or districts identified in the statistics of Frey lies in the fact that they all have supported Donald Trump in 2016. Normally, it is expected that they rank still massively behind the outgoing president. It is still questionable whether their confidence will not be affected a bit by the response chaotic the president to the spread of the COVID-19.

When more people of these constituencies will be affected by the disease or by the death of their loved ones, will they deplore the attacks by the president against those who put him in custody? When the president contradicts the experts of their own government, will he be so forgiving in front of his denial of the scientific studies?

I wanted to share the work of Frey to emphasize that, just as is the case with us, the us leaders will have to be very careful in the way we manage the déconfinement and the measures of social distancing.

Several countries in the world have been hit hard before he finds the ravages of the virus in America. These countries have varied approaches to, and we can draw lessons from the good and less good experiences. Our hope is that the leadership of the united states cease to play the political map and that the demonstrators that were demanding the immediate end to the confinement end up not listen to reason.

Beyond the fact that the figures of Frey demonstrate the extent of the stupidity of the “hypothesis” according to which the COVID-19 first strikes of the democrats, they demonstrate once again that in order to fight against the spread there should be a national strategy and a coordinated approach. A collaboration like the one launched by Andrew Cuomo and Donald Trump Tuesday should be encouraged, and, most importantly, maintained.

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