The COVID-19 kills more people than heart disease, but less than cancer

La COVID-19 tue plus que les maladies cardiaques, mais moins que le cancer

In six weeks, the COVID-19 has become a formidable killer in Quebec.

Since the first death linked to the coronavirus have occurred to us, on the 18th of march last, this sneaky disease for which there is still no vaccine or cure – in spite of the encouraging progress surrounding the remdesivir – has become the 2nd leading cause of death in Quebec, just behind cancer, but to heart disease.

This is one of the many findings that you can do, this morning, by viewing the large poster, which we have inserted at the center of your Book Weekend.

313 000 deaths in the spotlight

Entitled “what die Quebecers at the time of the COVID-19”, this giant display will inform you first about the detailed causes of the estimated 313 000 deaths in the province over the five most recent years for which there are data accurate and complete.

From these statistics, The Journal has established a ranking of the ten causes of death the most common in Quebec and was able to obtain weekly averages.

It is as well as you will discover, for example, that cancerous tumors that kill nearly 400 Quebec each week.

It remains higher than the number of victims of coronavirus, which reached to date approximately 300 deaths on a weekly basis.

You will also see that the COVID-19 is much more lethal than the flu, contrary to what some hinted at the beginning of the pandemic…

The worst cause of 2020?

This new disease that has changed our lives, may it become the cause of death is the most important in Québec by the end of 2020 ?

Here, the experts consulted by The Journal are divided.

“It is easy to imagine scenarios that, yes. But it is easy to imagine scenarios and what not,” says Alan Cohen, a professor at the Faculty of medicine of Sherbrooke, who was interviewed by our reporter Kathryne Lamontagne.

Our columnist Richard Béliveau, phd in biochemistry, analyzes the current situation by comparing the COVID-19 to cancer, and remembering that the tumours remain the biggest threats to the life of Quebecers.

“It is hoped that the pandemonium currently underway to counter the COVID-19 sensitizes us to the importance of preventive approaches, not only for infectious diseases but also for cancer and chronic diseases in general,” he wrote.

On this, good reading!

Sébastien Ménard

Publisher and editor-in-chief of the Journal de Québec

Responsible for the project

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