The COVID also attacks the brain and kidneys

La COVID s’attaque aussi au cerveau et aux reins

Over the COVID-19 spreads across the planet, more specialists are discovering that aspects of this new virus that is dreadful.

As soon as it appears at the end of 2019, the SARS-CoV-2, renamed a few weeks later COVID-19 by the health Organization (WHO), was a bit like the flu, but the virus was in fact a disease that is far more complex.

“You learn a lot. At the beginning, it was thought that it was mainly an influenza-like illness and respiratory tract with a viral pneumonia. It is now known that the coronavirus is a cardiovascular disease that causes clotting disorders”, informed the neurologist Julien J. Cavanagh who practice at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center.

The specialist explains that the COVID-19 attacks the kidneys of the sick. “It is also a kidney disease, which creates deficiencies and acute, which requires dialysis patients”, he says.

Virulent, deadly, the new coronavirus is spread even to the brain in some patients. “We see the cerebral vascular accidents (STROKE) and cases of encephalitis. And to a lesser extent, everyone has heard of these anosmies, these breaches of the olfactory nerve, which will cause difficulties to smell the smells,” says Julien J. Cavanagh.

The COVID-19 is “a disease of the respiratory, renal and neurological very complex”, has supported the specialist of Brooklyn.

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