The CPS criticized the beach of Krasnoyarsk because of the smell of rot

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Tatiana Konstantinova


The water on the beach in Krasnoyarsk has passed the test of the CPS. Swimming is dangerous there because of the smell of rot, according to the website of the regional office.

“MP Krasnoyarsk “Management of green building” issued by the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of non-compliance of sanitary regulations water facility with the city beach on the island of Rest (Abakan duct) for recreational purposes”, – stated in the message.

The Department explained that the water does not meet hygienic standards on sanitary-chemical indicators, water also has a putrid odor that can cause allergies. In addition, close to the beach with the violation of sanitary norms the Parking lot is situated.

In Rospotrebnadzor said that bathing in not equipped reservoirs is not safe for health: you can get hepatitis a, intestinal, enterovirus infections and parasitic diseases.

Earlier it was reported that the Moscow Rospotrebnadzor checked the water city beaches to meet sanitary requirements. On the beach “left-Bank” by results of monitoring bathing was suspended.