The CPS has given advice on the choice of milk

Specialists of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) has made recommendations on the choice of milk, reported on the Agency’s website.

Product packaging manufacturer should specify the name, composition, expiration date, product quantity, and date of manufacture, nutritional value and information about the manufacturer.

Milk should be stored in equipped with a thermometer refrigeration display cases at temperatures below plus six degrees. Otherwise it can deteriorate.

The CPS advises to buy milk if the packaging is opened or damaged, the information on it blurred. You should not buy the product, the shelf life of which expires in the next day or violated specified conditions of storage.

“Don’t buy milk from random sellers and with hands on the street”, – concluded the Agency.

A few days ago Rospotrebnadzor rejected 615 kilograms of substandard dairy products in Tula. Among the reasons is the violation of the shelf life, storage conditions, and the lack of marking.

From July 1, Russia introduced new rules for storage of dairy products. Natural products and products containing vegetable fat should be on different shelves. In addition, yogurt, kefir and some cheeses will be included in the system of electronic verification.