The CPS in the heat watching the microclimate in metro

Роспотребнадзор в жару следит за микроклиматом в метро

The administration of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow because of the heat strengthened control over the microclimate in the subway and in subway stations, reported on the Agency’s website.

“Guaranteed timely replacement of filter elements and flushing of the cooling fins of air conditioning, measures have been taken to support the work of ventilation systems at maximum capacity”, – is spoken in the message.

At night open the front door in the lobby to air stations. Increased the number of wet cleanings on platforms and in lobbies.

If the air temperature at the stations exceed 28 degree mark, employees of the Moscow metro start to hand out free water 0.5 litre capacity for handling passengers.

Previously, the CPS gave recommendations on how to protect themselves from the heat. The Agency advised less to be on the street and reduce physical activity, wear lightweight clothing and wear a hat, sunglasses. It is necessary to refuse fat, calories, meat is replaced with fish and seafood, drink more water, tea, fruit drinks, dairy products. In the diet should also be fruits and vegetables. During the day we recommend that you take a shower with cool water.