The CPS told me how to choose meat for shashlik

В Роспотребнадзоре рассказали, как правильно выбрать мясо для шашлыка

The CPS told me how to choose meat for shashlik.

To barbecue is not caused health problems, you need to buy meat in the stores. When you ask for supporting documents – invoice for the goods, the certificate of conformity and veterinary certificate.

When buying meat, the first thing to pay attention to appearance. The piece should be dry, glossy, uniform color. Meat with the smell of dampness, chemicals, rot should be discarded. Do not take if it’s wet, sticky, oozing blood.

If it’s marinated barbecue, the marking shall include the grade of meat – the highest or first shelf life (the marinade can be stored for more than a week), information about preservatives. If citric acid is good. Diacetate and sodium citrate, phosphates, E450 (moisture-retaining agent) should be avoided.

“Vinegar, lemon marinades do not give spoiled meat for three days, and meat in a mayonnaise-yogurt sauce goes bad faster. The composition of “proper” barbeque-semi: pork, salt, vinegar, fresh onion, spices (pepper, ginger, coriander, etc.)”, – stated in the message.

Earlier, the chief freelance nutritionist Department of health of Moscow Antonina Starodubova recommended for the marinade to use citric acid. Fit and vinegar, but can hurt the taste of the meat.