The cradle of civilization moved to Africa

Колыбель цивилизации перенесли в Африку

Human civilization did not originate in the middle East, as has always been considered, and in North-East Africa. To such conclusion scientists have come, having studied the geography of domestication of plants, including tubers, writes

The most productive varieties of Yam Dioscorea rotundata ancient received from the forest wild Yam (Dioscorea praehensilis), the study said. This occurred in the territories, where now are Benin, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

Setting process of the evolution of the yams, the researchers compared 167 DNA samples of wild and domesticated yams in the region. In the end it turned out that yams were domesticated in the Niger basin. When it happened, scientists can not say, but declare that you have installed all the genetic mutations of plants in the course of the development of civilization.

Earlier, the international team of scientists found that the modern horse has prehistoric ancestors. Compared to dogs, cats and cattle it has been domesticated relatively recently. It happened about five thousand years ago in territory of modern Kazakhstan.