The Creator of “Hundreds” Jason Rothenberg told about what will be the prequel of the series

Создатель "Сотни" Джейсон Ротенберг рассказал, о чем будет приквел сериала

The series “Hundred” comes to an end, but it is likely that the fans until you have to say goodbye to a favorite kynoselen.

The CW is developing a new series, which should be a prequel to the popular sci-Fi drama “Heroes.” The channel ordered production of a pilot series, which will be one of the episodes of the seventh and final season of “Hundreds”. Action prequel will unfold over 97 years before the events of the original series. Viewers will see a nuclear Apocalypse, in which most of the population of the Earth was destroyed. The main heroes of history will be survivors who are fighting for their lives in a harsh post-apocalyptic conditions, trying to create a new and better society on the ashes of the former world.

The author of the series, the sequel will be the showrunner of “Hundreds” Jason Rotenberg, whereas Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo will serve as Executive producers of the project. After the official announcement about the launch of the prequel Rothenberg on his page in Twitter wrote:

Very glad that the world is “Hundreds” will continue to expand. Recall that in August Rotenberg personally confirmed that “Hundreds” will be limited to seven seasons. On the question of whether the series has a happy ending, Rotenberg responded:

Создатель "Сотни" Джейсон Ротенберг рассказал, о чем будет приквел сериала

I think it’s an interesting question. Happy ending? I would say: this is our version of a happy ending. How do you mean? But in any case we will try to add depth in the seventh season. The ending is always important, it is the moral of the story. But our morality will not be reduced to the banal conclusion that humans are by nature horrible and for the sake of survival ready to go to any crime. We want to do something more interesting.

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