The Creator of international terror

Создатель международного террора

Photo: © depositphotosHardly in the world there is another community that has in its Arsenal the same number of sophisticated methods of denigration, humiliation, insults, oppression of other peoples, what have the Anglo-Saxons. It is significant that only in the English language the word “baiting”, unlike other languages, has many meanings. “Bullying” (“bullying”), “mobbing” (“mobbing”), “victimblaming” (“victim blaming”), “trolling” (“trolling”), “harassment” (“harassment”), “stalking” (“stalking”), “Huizinga” (“hazing”), “the outing” (“outing”), etc. are All merely different forms of the same phenomenon.

However, nothing surprising. Technology, political and psychological persecution of entire peoples, the descendants of the pirates have perfected for many centuries. Especially actively they used them against our nation. Once not portrayed the Russian in the West. What only a negative image of them was not attributed. And all with one purpose – exposing the stigma and turned into outcasts, deprived of feelings of usefulness and turn into an obedient tool for the operation. Then it will be easy to impose on society the idea of external control.

The Anglo-Saxons would not be Anglo-Saxons, if not sought to maximize benefits and avoid any responsibility. So they are only in extreme cases have established over zatravlenny victims of direct control of the protectorate. The most popular way they have been establishing external legal regulation. After world war II 1937-1945* years, the most common means for establishing this regulation was the following.

First of all the Anglo-Saxons created and implemented into international law the concept of genocide. With their submission the UN in 1948 adopted the “Convention on the prevention of the crime of genocide and punishment for it”.

The essence of the scheme that was used consisted in the following. The Anglo-Saxons everywhere provoke inter-ethnic clashes, after which the accused parties in the “genocide”. Used the fact that genocide is not only a direct extermination of a certain ethnic group, but “the creation of conditions for its disappearance”.

Under the latter concept could drive anything. Than the Anglo-Saxons and used successfully, accusing them of “genocidal politics” all whom they could. Well it was realized that the recognition of genocide implies the condemnation not only of the perpetrators of the atrocities, but also the legal system within which the perpetrators acted. Accordingly, this legal system was subject to radical change and reform it could only representatives of those countries which were “not tainted” in the genocide. According to the authors of the concept of genocide, these countries were “Western democracy”.

The main trick was that the highest international judicial authority, whose jurisdiction included the investigation of acts of genocide was the international criminal court (ICC). This body, acting on the basis of the Rome Statute, since its inception has been under the control of the West. A large part of its judges were representatives of the EU and the countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations. They could accuse of “genocide” for any country and, accordingly, to recognize the “criminal” of its legal system. Then take on the function of external regulation.

Such attempts were carried out several times in relation to our country. At least up until the November 2016 Moscow who previously signed the Rome Statute, did not disavow his signature. Since then, the only way to get our country on charges of “genocide” could only be the sanction of the UN security Council, but Russia could easily block.

Therefore, in recent years the Anglo-Saxons have stepped up efforts to implement plan “B”. It is the use of the concept of international terrorism. This concept is embedded in international law in 1937, with the adoption by the League of Nations “Convention on the prevention of terrorism and punishment”. After the founding of the UN, many of its provisions were included in the “Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism”.

In accordance with this document, if a country recognizes a “sponsor of terrorism”, then the legal system loses legitimacy. In this case, the functions of the external legal Department can take on the international court of justice. As you can guess, most of the judges of the court also… the representatives of the West and dependent countries.

It should be understood that recognize a particular country as a “sponsor of terrorism” is easier than to blame the genocide. The more that the international court of justice has the right to determine whether a country is a “sponsor of international terrorism” or not, and the term “terrorism” still has no clear definition in international law. Most often use the definition adopted at the V International conference of 1934. According to him, terrorism aims at the destruction of social organization, especially in the face of the government. Accordingly, if the leadership will take any action “an attempt at his overthrow”, then it will be terror. And no matter the government itself is legitimate or not. As a result, the uprising of the people against the illegal government can also be seen as… “terrorism”.

Such conflict and decided to take advantage of Americans when I introduced the bill under the pretentious name of “Stop the malicious acts of Russian terrorism” (S. 1189 – Stopping Malign Activities from Russian Terrorism). A few days ago he was endorsed by the Committee on foreign relations of the U.S. Senate. It requires the Department of state within 90 days to give Congress the answer is Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” and allegedly “funded” its armed groups DND and LNR “terrorist organizations” or not. Thus, the initiators of the bill are pushing the State Department to officially support the claim of Ukraine to Russia, which was filed in the international court of justice in the framework of the “Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism”. As is known, the Anglo-Saxons used to hold the dishonesty in the hands of its puppets.

The problem for them in only one. What if Russia will require the United States recognize a “terrorist state”? Indeed, in the Constitution of the United States Declaration of independence contains language that could be seen as a call to the subsequent genocide of the indigenous population of North America. The Indians called the “merciless Indian savages” and outlawed. As one of the grounds for separation from the British crown called “embarrassment conditions of land plots”. This implies a prohibition from London to settle West of the Appalachian mountains, i.e., to seize new Indian territories. If we add to this other facts, it appears that in the constitutional foundations of the United States was pledged to the extermination of the indigenous population.

The presence of such constitutional norms is unthinkable to the Russian law, but it is natural for us. Still in our country, tried not to pay attention to it. But if necessary, you can pay. And then there is technology bullying will not get off.

Yuri Gordienko

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