The credibility of Guilbeault is in the game

La crédibilité de Guilbeault est en jeu

The first steps on the federal scene Steven Guilbeault took like a long way of the cross.

His office invaded by young environmentalists Friday, judgment on the oil pipeline of Trans Mountain’s decision to come on the mine, Teck Frontier, not a week goes by without it being challenged on the issue of climate change.

In any event, as a good soldier, he took refuge behind cabinet solidarity. “This is my colleague, the minister of environment, Jonathan Wilkinson to comment on. ”

What do you want, Steven Guilbeault is the minister of Heritage.

What is the environmental influence ?

The environmentalist’s favourite Quebec remains a prisoner of its past militant. Wanting to avoid sour relations with the province of Alberta, it includes Justin Trudeau denied his ministry of choice.

This raises the question : Steven Guilbeault has he been exploited by the liberal Party to regild his blazon of the environment ?

Behind the scenes, it maintains that it has real influence. He serves on the Cabinet committee on the economy and the environment, when he speaks, people listen, the minister of the Environment would not hesitate to seek his advice and support.

So much the better if it is true.

But the real test is fast approaching. The government must decide, by the end of the month, on the fate of the immense oil sands project Teck Frontier in Alberta.

I do not debate on the pros and cons of the project. Let’s just say that it is clear that Steven Guilbeault plays its credibility. It has been possible to negotiate its opposition to the pipeline, Trans Mountain, as a minister, he should now be in solidarity with the decisions of his government.

And in this case, it cannot hide behind its role as a Heritage to avoid comment on the decision of Ottawa. A silence on his part would say it all and it would shake its reputation as a champion of the cause of climate change. This would be his Waterloo.

The ultimate test in the spring

Survive Teck Frontier is not enough. To get free of his past and camper his credibility as a federal minister, Steven Guilbeault will have to deliver the goods on the reform of telecommunications and broadcasting in the country.

Overhaul of the CRTC, the regulatory of the giants of the web, the site is as urgent as monumental. The exercise is as dangerous as fundamental to the country’s economy and the fragile ecosystem of its television production.

Politically, it is a mine field. Talk to Mélanie Joly. However, if he succeeds, this will be the Austerlitz ! Steven Guilbeault will be finally released !

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