The Crimes Of The Rothschilds. Part two

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

The roots of today’s problems clearly indicate that history was not accidental succession of events, but rather carefully planned and executed a project for the seizure of land, wealth and resources, a small number of rich and privileged people, bent on world domination. This was done on such a wide scale that it seems almost unbelievable. But as the old saying goes: “the best kept of those secrets that are hidden in plain sight”.

Let’s start with the fact that go back to the beginning of the 17th century and the creation of a company that would eventually become the ruling elite, and those, in turn, architects of history. In 1600, the year Queen Elizabeth I presented a Charter for the “East India company”. History tells us that the purpose was to establish trade relations with the Eastern world, namely India and China. The official business of the company was trade of tea. Although, there is a much darker side of the story. The true purpose of this company was twofold: first, to study the banking and financial system of the Eastern world. In particular India, to possible manipulation. And secondly, to attach to the far East, opium. Thanks to the last of them “East India company” were able to accumulate huge amount of wealth stored in the Royal Treasury.

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

Unlimited money – the essence of their domination.

Thanks to funding provided by rich Nathan Rothschild and several other Nouveau riche. “The British East India company” eventually turned into “Committee of 300”. This group of 300 global elites who carried out a secret policy of domination over the Western world. The British monarchy, standing in the upper echelon of this new power structure, she has accumulated vast wealth from the opium trade. The idea underlying their plan of domination, was quite simple. The one who has the ability to control the world’s wealth, ultimately to the enormous power and have enormous impact on the planet. The ruling on “East India company” was known as the “Council of 300”, which to this day is called the “Committee of 300”.

Around 1865, before and after the civil war in the United States, “the Committee of 300”, including the Jesuits, the masons and the 13 families of the archons, already controlling Europe. Made a clear attempt to influence the United States of America and to regain control over them. The British monarchy, is already under the influence of the Rothschilds, did this in much the same way as before with England: through control over land, resources and finances. Together with a few families very wealthy families such as the Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Mellons, the Warburgs and Harriman. Many of whom have increased their wealth thanks to their work as defense contractors. Used the same scheme again and again: the accumulation of huge amounts of wealth through war and later through slave labor, but this time in the United States. Morgan and Warburg were American agents of the Rothschild family in England.

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

It is well documented that people like Rothschild and the monarchs of great Britain, considered the General population as not having any value of slaves. They are often called “weights”, “commoners” or “useless eaters”. From this point a very small number of people beginning to control a huge number of European and then American resources, land and Finance. The population played the role of pawns on the Grand chessboard, serving the needs of elite and blissfully ignorant about what is happening behind the curtain.

Agenda “Committee of 300” provides for the creation of a single world government, controlled by their own religion/Church, as well as their own monetary system. To achieve its goals on the world-depopulation of “useless eaters” they use “chemtrail”, “H. A. A. R. P”, “G. M. O”, transhumanism, vaccinations and more. Their goal is the complete destruction and dismantling of our current socio-economic structures. They must be replaced by their own programs for the destruction of mankind as we know it.

Managed illusion.

Everything visible is manipulated, people live in illusions every day around the world. Global Finance, including banking, stock markets or anything else, is simply a deception of trust. When people believe that they buy and invest, the economy expands, and when they lose confidence, they do not buy and do not invest and the economy contracts. All it needs is a gloomy forecast from the financial representative, controlled by the cabal. Or a rumour circulating about economic problems, and the house of cards could collapse overnight. Members of the Kabbalah are experts in this matter.

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

They and their banking cartel have also funded all sides in virtually every war since the beginning of the nineteenth century – wars manipulated their agents in government, military and intelligence services. Their takeover of the planet has been a great success, thanks to hiding their manipulation behind the other minions. With the help of bribes they control people like puppets on a string. And thus they were the rich rulers and dark lords for many centuries.

All of these interventions continued and the last few hundred years. So far things are going well for a long period of time – the Empire grow and grow, and then there are complications, until finally all without crashing. Most likely society, the economy and most countries are currently close to the top of the curve.

The Illuminati is the hidden rulers.

The financiers, Dating back to the bankers during the times of the chivalrous “knights Templar” who financed the early kings in Europe, are the ones who created the “Illuminati”. Weishaupt was their “gopher”, and those who had carried out their orders. Said Adam Weishaupt is the founder of “order of Illuminati” in Germany, in 1776. But in fact, he was selected as nominalnog figure and told him what to do.

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

The modern “Illuminati” is known as a sadistic satanic cult led by the richest and powerful people in the world. The order is filled with homosexuals and pedophiles, and yet the “Illuminati” are working hand in hand with “CIA”, “Mossad” and Freemasonry to control the world, trading in drugs, weapons, pornography and prostitution. They even accused that they are the force behind political assassinations, including the death of John Kennedy in 1963, and terrorism, including the events of the false flag, such as September 11 in 2001.

Most people don’t want to believe that the “Illuminati” consider it my obligation to manage the planet Earth. However, these few people are so powerful and control so much wealth and assets that they can be seen as an independent nation-state. They control all the major and minor political parties. They control the election process, the formation of the government, information flow, health and making money. They have infiltrated every organization, even in the Church. Nothing remained that would not be affected by the “Illuminati”. All national councils “Illuminati” subject to the Supreme world Council, which acts as a precursor to the body that will rule, when the “New World Order”.

Leading masons 33 degrees also are leading the Illuminati. The Rothschild family in the United States, Britain and France, have ruling seats in this Supreme world Council. They believe that they are descendants of the Royal bloodlines of families, and also bearers of continuous occult heritage.

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

The informant, which is the inter-generational member of a ruling bloodline family, under the name “hidden hand” says:

“Our lineage can be traced back beyond antiquity. From a very early time in history and beyond, our family somehow managed the game from behind the scenes, originating even before the rise and fall of Atlantis. We were born to lead. This part of the project for the current paradigm. There are 13 primary or initial main blood lines”.According to “hidden hand” are all young people born in the families of the “Illuminati” are thoroughly trained in areas such as military Affairs, governance, spiritual, scientific knowledge, science and leadership.

“We occupy key positions in all these important areas. And given the involvement of machinery and the possession of your financial institutions have full control over you,” he said.There is no doubt that it is not a hoax and not misinformation. According to the writer-researcher Michael Salla:

“In my opinion, is the true revelation of insider belonging to the organization called “Family”. Which secretly participated in the management of both Earth and the other planets. Through employment of members of these elites, and high positions in key social and political institutions.”Mafia system of Rothschild controlled through mind control.

Many politicians, Satanists and other members of the whole system is mind control, in order to ensure full control over events.

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

For example, the father who says to the believers that he is the nominal head of the new world order Rothschild Khazar mafia. For the external side – the side that sees the public – they are absolutely normal people, but when you switch, they become completely different. The initiator of this process of mind control is a Nazi “angel of Death” Josef Mengele. Which after the second world war helped to escape to the United States and South America, a network of genealogy of the families of the archons that control American intelligence and the Roman Church.

They wanted to “camp doctor” at Auschwitz continued their disgusting genetic and mental studies that he conducted on Jewish children in a concentration camp. National borders do not matter for the criminal bondage of the archons is one “global family”.

The State Of Israel.

In addition, after the second world war created a new political situation in the middle East. In 1947, the UN decided to proceed to the partition of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state, even though the Palestinians previously exercised control over the whole territory. In the second world war brought compassion to the Jewish people: Zionism was created in 1948 as a direct result of the state of Israel, achieved through diplomatic terror.

The Rothschild family became the “de facto leader” of fundamentalist Zionism. They Finance the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. In Jerusalem in honor of them named street. The Rothschilds are considered to be the Royal family of Judaism, with the addition “King of the Jews.” The founding of the state of Israel in Palestine was a critical point of the Khazar program that could be implemented only in the second world war.

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

The ruling elite wants to create a “New World Order” from its headquarters in the State of Israel to achieve his panoramaweg domination. Thanks to its networks and stolen from citizens of money, supplemented by violence, the ruling elite have infiltrated all the structures of power in society, and they are all completely under their control. They belong without exception, all important positions in government, media, business, Finance, Economics, science, religion, education and so on. To which almost all countries of the world, assignment occurs on the instructions of controlled by the Rothschilds officials. since that time, history was manipulated to gain a world dictatorship over all the Earth.

Dark Nobility/Cabal won many battles over these long centuries, but eventually they will lose the war. And they will never be allowed to return to the control of human Affairs. Their days are treacherous, secret of betrayal and cold-blooded murder, with the aim of replacing the people’s elected governments puppets and theft of sovereign assets will always end as soon as the command of the Alliance and trump is going to clear the swamp.

Преступления Ротшильдов. Часть вторая

It is time to stop this intervention. Don’t wait and act to oppose attempts to take away your freedom and ours. We, the people, make up 99 per cent majority over the criminal mafia “elite Illuminati”. And it is their fear and their Achilles heel – they are the 1% minority. And we must win this battle in the name of our future, the future of our children and future generations. Help by sharing this information with everyone you know and ask them to do the same with your contacts. If you Wake up enough people, and we will win this battle, our children and grandchildren will thank us for this help.

All this information is important and necessary for a full understanding to structure and implement an effective and necessary changes. Only then can we ensure the complete destruction of these criminal abuses and to prevent their recurrence and get rid of corruption.

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