The crisis managed to 260 km from here

Félix Séguin ,
Alexandre Robillard ,
Dominique Cambron-Goulet, and
Annabelle Blais

François Legault will land today in the city of Montreal, where the perception of a mismatch between the needs and the decisions taken at Quebec city is greater than ever.

Our Bureau of investigation has collected the confidences to this effect, a dozen of elected officials in montreal, employees of management of public organizations, political staff and senior officers of police forces.

Most insisted on anonymity, not wanting to publicly display of dissent in a time of crisis.

The visit to Montreal-North, last Friday, the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, has left a bitter taste.

“It was the first time that someone who decides to Quebec deigned to set foot in Montreal since the beginning of the crisis “, blowing a source well aware of the folder, before adding that ” the crisis is managed by people who are 260 km of Montreal “.

“I don’t understand why they came here,” says a local official. Another source speaks of a year “clumsy” public relations.

The misunderstanding was further exacerbated this week when Dr. Arruda has justified the closure of a clinical screening of the sector in arguing that the population was not presented. The mayor of Montréal-Nord, Christine Black, had received information to the contrary.

“In governance, there is something that doesn’t work,” she said in an interview.

Decided to Québec

One hundred and forty-two residents of Montreal North are dead to this day. This is more deaths than in the regions of the Capitale-Nationale, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Estrie put together. However, there is no measure to restrict movement or require the wearing of the mask.

“There’s a kind of gap between Quebec and Montreal. [The director of public health of Montreal] Ms. Drouin should be subjected to the dictates of Québec “, said a mp in montreal.

The Montreal public health has an impressive list of powers. The act allows, inter alia,” to order a person to comply with specific directives to prevent contagion or contamination “and” order the closure of a place “.

But given the situation of a national emergency, ” the guidelines and the guidelines taken by the national director of public health [in Québec], in concert with the public health departments of the region “, says Jean-Nicolas Aubé, a spokesman for the public health of Montreal.

A source in the entourage of the mayor Valerie Plant, agrees : “Nothing is done without Quebec being aware of it. “The relatives of the mayor feel that the opinion of the City is” heard and listened “, but it is pointed out that the CAQ has only two mps on the island.

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