The crisis of the COVID-19 at the Quebec city world tour

La crise de la COVID-19 au Québec fait le tour du monde

To the extent that the pandemic COVID-19 has taken in Quebec and its ravages in residences for the elderly have made headlines on all the continents.

“Quebec is the epicenter of the pandemic of sars coronavirus in Canada with more than half of the cases and deaths are listed in the country,” reported the british newspaper Daily Mail, 17 April.

Everywhere on the planet, many in the media have not failed to recount what happened at the CHSLD Herron in Dorval.

“Caregivers who are deserting, residents and / or fed or changed, a boss ex-offender, 31 dead in a few weeks”, wrote the French newspaper Libération, on April 18.

“The nursing home horror”, headline in Charente Free, another daily newspaper in France, on its front page on 20 April.

“Horror in Canada”, in the headline in the american newspaper El Nuevo Herald, the version in Spanish of the Miami Herald, in Florida.

On April 17, a long article in the prestigious New York Times asked the question: How was he able to reach here?

Situation “disastrous”

In China, where the COVID-19 is born, the news agency Xinhua reported two days ago that “the province’s French-speaking Quebec account for more than half of the 40 179 cases in Canada”.

The day before, the tv channel Arabic Al Jazeera informed the Middle East that the prime minister François Legault had asked Ottawa the assistance of a thousand of military personnel to assist the staff in NURSING homes.

“The situation is particularly disastrous in Quebec”, reported the press agency, Bernama in Malaysia, on Wednesday, adding that the government had launched an appeal to help the medical specialists to go to overcome the shortage of staff in NURSING homes.

The press agency Tass, in Russia, the japanese daily Japan Times and the daily south-african The Citizen also echoed the crisis in Quebec.

Hard with the PM Legault

The prime minister, Legault has not been spared by some of the media coverage.

“Under pressure, Québec extended the containment”, headline in an article in the French daily Le Figaroon Wednesday, adding that Mr. Legault had “a public outcry on April 10 announcing the early resumption of school activities”.

On Tuesday, the american news agency Bloomberg, which belongs to billionaire and former New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg, argued that the prime minister Legault, and other leaders “nationalists” are trying to “score points” during the crisis by inviting the province of Quebec “to grow its fruits and vegetables” to be more self-sufficient in food.

“Darling of Quebec”

Even the fall of the Cirque du Soleil, this flagship québec business that has had to cancel all his shows and thank its 4,600 employees because of the pandemic, was explained in detail in the magazine business, american , Fast Company, this week.

It is in Belgium, one of the countries hardest hit by the COVID-19, where it is found a rare positive story on the Quebec and abroad.

On Monday, the belgian daily newspaper La Libre was the portrait of the director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, dubbed “the phenomenon” and even”icon in his country.”

According to the newspaper, Dr. Arruda has moved from a “pure” unknown “last January” to “darling of Quebec” with its “gift to make the population more conscious of the danger of coronavirus” at the daily press briefings on tv.

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