The cross of Sant Jordi: Messi received one of the highest awards of Catalonia



Legendary football player Lionel Messi received one of the highest awards of Catalonia. To his vast collection of awards, the Argentine has gained the first government – the Cross of Sant Jordi. Read more at sportswriter “MIR 24” Dmitry Kalugin.

The cross of Sant Jordi is the second largest award of Catalonia. It is awarded for the development of this region, therefore, the merits of football Messi didn’t count. Reward Leo for assistance in the construction of the children’s cancer centre in Barcelona.

“Today you get the recognition of our government, and hence the recognition of all Catalans. We really appreciate your civil and professional contribution to the development of the region. Catalonia owes you,” said the head of Catalonia Kim Torr.

Eve was marked and outstanding football talent Messi. The authoritative English magazine named him the best player in the world over the past quarter century. Not surprisingly, this is legendary in Barcelona athlete has a serious impact on public life in the region. In Catalonia the name Leo receives every 12th child. In recent years, the popularity of this name increased by 4000%.

But back to the government award, awarded to Messi. Cross Sant Jordi, established in 1981. It is made from silver and red coral. And wear a cross or on a cotton cord, or on his lapel.

On the eve of state recognition and was awarded the tennis player sir Andy Murray. Prince Charles has devoted it in knights. Murray is the only tennis player – two-time Olympic champion in singles. This year he plans to retire.

A knighthood is quite a lot of athletes. Basically it is the players. Alex Ferguson, Bobby Charlton. Murray in this company the only tennis player. From privileges other than the right to an audience with the Royal family, the knights put more and free travel on public transport.