The Crossroads theatre cancels its 21st edition

The decision was hard to take, but the team of the Carrefour international theatre has decided to cancel its 21st edition, which was to be presented in may and June. The itinerant show free Where you go when you sleep walking…? could, however, survive the pandemic, and will deploy towards the end of the summer or in the fall.

The decision was taken yesterday evening during a special session of the board of directors.

“We are juggling this scenario since the beginning of this crisis by looking at what was happening elsewhere. We were in a mode of caution. We tried to go forward while holding back. It is unfortunate,” quipped the director-general Dominique Violette.

This decision has the purpose of protecting the Crossroads financially.

“We don’t want to get into trouble. We will be weakening it, everything that was tied and try to limit the losses. It will be, but we have enough mettle to cope with this situation. I’m not worried”, she added during an interview.

Half of the shows which were to be presented between 21 may and 6 June came from abroad. The closure of canadian borders to foreigners, until the end of the month of June, which aims to slow the spread of the Covid-19, has been the main element that led to this decision.

The outdoor show is free, Where you go when you sleep walking…? could be presented at the end of the summer or early fall. The second year of this new release revolves around the Saint-Charles river, between the Pointe-aux-Lièvres and the Victoria Park.

“It is our dream and our motivation. This is what we try to do. The City of Quebec, which is a partner in this event, hopes that it can present. It would be a beautiful symbol to revive the cultural activity, with the artists of Quebec with this event,” she said.