The CSA seized after racist insults against Rokhaya Diallo on Sud Radio

    The CSA seized after racist insults against Rokhaya Diallo on Sud Radio

    Rokhaya Diallo, during “The Political Show”, on France 2, January 24, 2019. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP

    Journalist Rokhaya Diallo announced Monday, December 21 on Sud Radio that she had lodged a complaint against a listener of the station who had uttered racist insults against her, during a sequence broadcast in October but exhumed on Sunday, which the Council will look into. Superior of Audiovisual (CSA).

    Sunday, the director and anti-racist activist relayed on Twitter to be outraged by an excerpt from the program “Les Vraies Voix”, broadcast two months earlier on Sud Radio but which had until then “Escaped”. A listener speaks there, in response to a debate on indigenous people and the attacks.

    « Mme Diallo complains about France, she complains about Whites, but if today she is a journalist (…) it owes it to the openness of our education and our country ”, she starts. “Because Mme Diallo, she would not have benefited from everything France gives, I think there is a good chance that she would be in Africa, with 30 kg more, 15 kids crushing millet on the ground and to wait for her husband to give her his turn between the 4 other wives ”, adds the listener.

    « Attention [la députée La France insoumise] Danièle Obono will fall on you “, then quips the magistrate Philippe Bilger, present in the studio alongside the essayist Céline Pina, the psychologist Jean Doridot and the presenter Philippe Rossi, who answers for his part: “Suffice it to say, as you said, that Rokhaya Diallo was lucky to be in France and to have real freedom of expression. “

    Le CSA would

    Questioned on the subjects since Sunday, in particular by the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, who denounced on Twitter “Abject words”, “The services of the CSA initiated the examination of the referrals received and the analysis of the sequence in question”, announced Monday to Agence France-Presse and World the regulator, without commenting on possible sanctions.

    For their part, Sud Radio and Philippe Rossi also condemned the listener’s comments.
    “While the listener was uttering these filthy insults, I was stalling another column with the director speaking to me through the headphones. This in no way excuses the fact that I should have mastered my antenna “, said Philippe Rossi. “I would like to apologize to Rokhaya Diallo who I know well. Sud Radio never credits and cannot endorse this kind of speech that goes against our values ​​”

    “If I offended you without intervening, I apologize”, added Philippe Bilger, adding that, “Very respectful of freedom, aware of its possible abuses, Sud Radio will be even more vigilant in the future to prevent them. “

    Celine Pina, on the other hand, pointed out that she was “Accountant that” therefore “Word, not that of others”, in a long text published on social networks in response to “Identity entrepreneurs who are unleashed in packs” since Sunday.

    Complaint filed

    “I believe that anyone who speaks in public space must take responsibility and my lawyer filed a complaint today at 4 pm” against this listener, who will be “Informed when you have found your identity”, announced the journalist. “I accept the debate of ideas but in no way the insult or contempt towards my origins and towards the people of the African continent”, she justified.

    “These words do not represent our editorial staff and our radio (…). We will never condone hateful, racist, anti-Semitic or even homophobic comments ”, insisted the general manager of Sud Radio, Patrick Roger, on the air.

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