The culinary treasures of the neighborhoods featured in a recipe book

Lyon, October 13, 2017. Boris Tavernier, founder of Loose, imagined the cookbook — E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes


  • This book, conceived by the association lyonnaise Bulk, combines recipes, illustrations, photos and stories written by the Goncourt Alexis Jenni.
  • Through each dish, we find the slice-of-life of a dozen women from the popular neighborhoods of the metropolis of Lyon.

A book of which each page is eaten and in which the receipts relate, with flavor, slice-of-life of women in the popular neighbourhoods of the lyon area. After a year of waiting, Amariah, Zaineb, Nathalie, Saleha have seen land with emotion this week in the bookstore, Women here, cuisines of elsewhere, a book (1) revenue is not like the others, born on the initiative of
Bulk. At the end of 2016, the association of lyon, is intended to make available in the neighborhoods of food quality by forming purchasing cooperatives, has decided to tell, through food, these cookers off hand in hand, rarely brought to light.

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The idea was born at the Farmhouse of the Bull, in Vaulx-en-Velin, during a cooking contest organized in the district, in the presence of leaders lyon. “I had seen the pride of women and their happiness of sharing this moment of pleasure. I wanted this to rest in time, ” recalls Boris Tavernier, founder and director of Bulk. This project, he will not do it alone. This recipe book must be a book, singular. It is a circle of five men, including an illustrator Emmanuel, Denis, a photographer, and a writer, the Lyonnais Alexis Jenni, Goncourt 2011. The young chef Grégory Cuilleron has prefaced the book, funded in part through crowdfunding.

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Lyon, October 13, 2017. The book – E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes
“Change the look on these neighborhoods”

“We give little voice to the people of the popular districts. You don’t know well and suddenly, as with anything unfamiliar, we fear. I wanted to change the ways we look on these areas, highlighting these women, ” adds Boris.

Their quest takes them to the Duchère in Lyon, to the Noirettes in Vaulx-en-Velin, Bron Terraillon, or to the Perralière in Villeurbanne, in ranges that host them around a flat. Over the meal, they deliver. “We landed in Cambodia in the 70’s, in the central African republic, Afghanistan… Through the prism of the kitchen, it was discovered their stories,” adds Boris. Stories told in pictures, in pictures and in the writings of Alexis Jenni.

— Tavernier Boris (@AssoVrac) October 11, 2017
Recipes and slices of life

Awa, arrived in France 22 years ago after growing up in Banghi, in the central African republic, has put together a beef, spinach, peanuts. This Villeurbannaise grew up in a large family with sixteen brothers and sisters and several women whom she called ” mom “. His father, the director of posts, was a polygamist. He is married with five women, including the mother of Awa which is a party when she was three years old.

This forty-something woman has finally left the central African republic to France, after having met her husband in a centre for street children of Banghi. Gilles was a volunteer for the NGO ATD, the young woman came in with her daughter and was cooking for toddlers.

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Lyon, October 13, 2017. The book – E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes


Sadia, she has chosen the palaw recipe, Afghanistan, its country of origin. She learned to cook alongside her mother in Kabul, where she experienced the civil war, the “fire explosions” and waking up at night to go to the shelter in the basement, ” drinking tea and enjoying cakes “.

She left Kabul, only 14 years old, at the death of his mother to come and live at Châlons-sur-Saône with his uncle and aunt, that she did not know. In preparing the recipe based on chicken, rice, vegetables and multiple spices, Sadia tells of her arrival in France, and his SEN and his years spent as a health care aide in the hospitals of lyon. A job that she has finally given recently to retrain in cooking, his passion.

“After all I’ve seen in Afghanistan, the only thing that there is it is the fun, eat well, drink well, all together,” says Sadia, who works in a restaurant in the centre of Lyon. “We met ordinary women to experience extraordinary’, sums up Boris.

(1) 29.90 euros to the Editions Albin Michel.