The cultural milieu demand the return of The fault

Le milieu culturel demande le retour de La faille

Voices from the cultural sector amounted to the transfer of The flaw on Club illico. With Videotron’s decision to withdraw the series due to allegations of sexual harassment and physical assault against By Morin lèserait its artisans.

This is shown in a joint press release of the Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec (ARRQ), Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma (SARTEC) and the Alliance québécoise des techniciens and technicians of the image et du son (AQTIS), which will be issued Thursday evening.

“Off the air works as The flaw, which penalizes not only their audience, but all the people involved in their creation, their production and dissemination. Such withdrawals are unfair and disproportionate”, point to the collections, after having mentioned that they saluted the courage of the victims who speak out and denounce wrongdoing.

“It is useless to do other collateral victims in removing the air of works of fiction in which these individuals take a role”, it read.

The press release also mentions a rumour that the next season would be cancelled.

An injustice

Reached by telephone, the president of the ARRQ, Gabriel Pelletier, speaks of an injustice.

“The public is able to make the share of things between the work and the individual. It is unfair to penalize all the artisans who have participated in a series because of the wrongdoing of a person.”

Mr. Pelletier wants to encourage the leaders of Videotron to bring The fault on Club illico, all the more that it is a popular success, and critical. “They are in a difficult position, conceded the president of the ARRQ. It is certain that they have not removed the series light-heartedly. We want to tell them that we are behind them if they want to reverse their decision.”

On Twitter, artists have also decried the withdrawal for the same reasons. Among them include Guy A. Lepage, André Robitaille and Marina Orsini.

Return referred to

In an e-mail sent to the Newspaper, Videotron indicated that it had acted responsibly by suspending the contents featuring By Morin, as did Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec, and Bell Media. The company argues, however, be aware of the work of the artisans and to evaluate, in function of the evolution of things, “is a good time to reinstate some of the content, including The breach”.

Culture of the cancellation

The withdrawal of all the programs to which By Morin participated, including The fault, participates in the movement called “cancel ” culture” (in French, “the culture of the cancellation”), which is to erase any trace of a personality, who committed the objectionable action.

“The companies that work with artists are happy to take advantage of their visibility, but when things go wrong, it is save-who-may”, summarizes the director of the School of media, UQAM, Pierre Barrette.

According to Mr. Barrette, this phenomenon takes on a unprecedented scale this year.

“The trend is really on the side of whistleblowers, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering that it has long served to protect the perpetrators. It is like the pendulum to swing back.”

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