the curfew introduced at 6 p.m. goes badly

    the curfew introduced at 6 p.m. goes badly

    On Saturday January 9, the Marseille city suffered a new restriction linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now the curfew starts at 6 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. For their part, traders are helpless. A neighborhood mini-market normally closes at 8 p.m. its schedule must be completely rethought. “We have already had instructions from our central, we will have to close to customers at 5.45 p.m.“, testifies Thierry Ferrafiat, the director of the store.

    It is also a new blow for Youssef Karam, a wine merchant who had just opened his store. “It’s going to be super complicated, especially compared to my turnover. 80% of my turnover is done at 6 p.m.“, he judges. Same reaction from a florist who is taken aback. Usually, it closes around 19:30. He will have to bring in his plants 2 hours earlier …

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