The customer found a hidden camera in the fitting room and made a scandal

Покупательница нашла скрытую камеру в примерочной и устроила скандал

A resident of China found in the women’s dressing room Japanese store Uniqlo hidden camera reports

The woman retired to the dressing room to try on her favourite five sets of things. She noticed the like button suspicious black object, it was attached to the top edge of the mirror. Attached to chewing gum “button” was a miniature hidden camera.

Shopper scandal nor asked the store Manager to clarify the situation. Uniqlo Manager admitted that he had never experienced anything like this in the four years of its work. He expressed confidence that the gadget in the dressing room posted one of the sellers and the buyer. In other administrator fitting the hidden cameras not found.

The girl is afraid that the camera could get a few more girls. The customer also called Uniqlo to give the official comment about the incident.

In March, the traveller from France, who flew on holiday to Australia, discovered a hidden camera in the deodorant. Taking a shower, she noticed lying on the shell of the bag with spray. It is unknown mounted camera.