The Czech Republic defeated Latvia at the world championship

Сборная Чехии одержала победу над Латвией на чемпионате мира

The Czech team beat the team of Latvia in the match of world hockey championship in Slovakia. The meeting ended with the score 6:3. It is worth noting that the Latvians were in the beginning of the match with the score 2:0 but managed to hold the advantage.

In the Czech team goals were scored by Philip Granek, Jan kovari, Jakub Voracek (scored a brace), Jakub Vrana and Dominik Simon, the Latvians scored Miks indrasis and Lauris Darzins (two goals).

The Czech Republic national team in four League matches, scored nine points and climbed to third place in group B. Latvia with six points and is in fifth place. Lead the group the national teams of Russia and Switzerland (12 points). In the next match at the world Cup, the Czechs will play against Italy, team Latvia will meet team Russia.

In the other match of the evening, the hockey players Finland defeated team Denmark. Final score of the match – 3:1. The winners scored the puck, Kaapo Kakko, Sakari Manninen and Harri Pesonen. Exact hit the Danes on account of Morten Madsen.

Recall the world Championships 2019 takes place in Bratislava and košice from 10 to 26 may. The Russian national team play in group B in Bratislava, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland and Sweden.May 15, Russian hockey players defeated the Italians with the score 10:0. This is the fourth consecutive victory of the “red machine” at the tournament.