the Darney forest in the running for the “Exceptional Forest” label

    the Darney forest in the running for the “Exceptional Forest” label

    What if the forest of Darney entered the closed circle of exceptional forests? A first step in obtaining this label from the ONF (National Forestry Office) has been taken, which paves the way for two years of work now. Only 14 forest areas have obtained the label which rewards the sustainable management of an exceptional forest heritage. A label that highlights and enables funding for different projects?

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    Century-old oaks

    But what makes Darney Forest exceptional? These are notably its oak trees which are used to make barrels, explains Stéphanie Rauscent, engineer in charge of the Darney-La Vôge massif at the ONF:

    “They benefit from a quality of soil and climate which brings an exceptional quality of oak stand. We have generations of foresters who knew how to raise oaks to the quality of staves which supply the national and international wine industry.”

    17th century oaks can still be found in Darney forest, planted at the time of Colbert.

    Darney Forest © AFP
    – Denis Bringard

    A tourist attraction

    For two years, the actors of the territory will have to create a project for in particular publicize the massif according to Stéphanie Rauscent:

    “It is a forest which is not known to the general public so it will be necessary to set up educational and tourist routes. It must be made a development tool. Becoming an exceptional forest also creates a national brand image. . “

    The Darney sector should be set on obtaining the precious label within two years.

    the Darney forest in the running for the “Exceptional Forest” label

    Darney forest could become an “exceptional forest” by 2022 © AFP
    – Denis Bringard
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