The daughter of Anna Wintour and son Franks misses sozzani was married

Дочь Анны Винтур и сын Франки Соццани поженились

After a year and two months after the engagement, the heirs of two loud fashionr-empires finally got engaged. The celebration took place in the mansion of the bride’s mother Anna Wintour in long island.

What was the bride and groom, what shade chose to outfit the girlfriend and the bride looked like a cake — all the details of the wedding, Bee Shaffer and Francesco Carrozzini yet remain unknown. And the reason was that the secrecy of this wedding observed cleaner the secret celebrations of certain celebrities, and even famous guests Bi and Francesco were asked to refrain tonight from the use of cell phones and social networks. Last request was given to some friends of Bi are particularly difficult: so Natalie Love, the daughter of editor of Vogue magazine who is friends with Schaffer, posted to Instagram a few posts on the way to the wedding, accompanied by the hashtag #nosociamedia, but after abstaining from the pictures.

As I suspect in the Western media, this secrecy is explained very simply: the mother of the bride, and the editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour just wants to release the next issue of the magazine with the newlyweds on the cover. So, no one photo should not get into the network early.

However, some details of the wedding to find out everything managed. In addition to Natalie Love, the ceremony was also attended by the correspondent of Vanity Fair Derek Blasberg, another employee of Vogue’s Selby Drummond, and through which it became known about the engagement of Bi and Francesco last year. The bride chose for the wedding closed long dress classic style, the groom in a black tuxedo, also stuck to tradition.

We will remind that about the relationship Bee Shaffer and Francesco Carrozzini first became known in the fall of 2016: they appeared together at the premiere of the documentary film about the mother of Francesco “Frank. Chaos and creativity.” Before meeting with Bi Carrozzini was in a relationship with singer Lana Del Rey. The Shaffer had not been seen in a romantic relationship with celebrities.

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