The daughter of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie changed her name to male

Дочь Брэда Питта и Анджелины Джоли изменила имя на мужское

The main issues were resolved and the pair have to reach a compromise and arrangements that will suit both of in the custody of the children.

Yet, according to recent decisions, Angelina children remain in Los Angeles, as in the case of moving, it will limit the right of brad pitt to see the children more often, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Last news star of the family was the fact that his eldest daughter Angie and pitt officially changed the name on the male John. The girl is still three years refused to wear women’s clothes, and then asked me to call her John, because she doesn’t feel a girl, free views in education has allowed parents to accept this fact and don’t let the appearance of solutions. Recently, the paparazzi managed to take a picture of angelina Jolie with children, where it is clearly visible that Shiloh every day more and more like a guy and is an exact copy of his father in his youth.

Дочь Брэда Питта и Анджелины Джоли изменила имя на мужское

The teenager was wearing a shapeless black sweatshirt, wide travel shorts with big pockets and black sneakers. Hair cut short and without stacking. Apparently, the daughter of pitt and Jolie finally decided on gender identity, and maybe it is a protest against endless disputes between the parents.

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