The day of family, love and fidelity: how does life in a large family

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Maxim Cams (“Mir”)


The day of family, love and fidelity celebrated today the Russians. Remember Orthodox saints Peter and Fevronia. In Russia they were considered the patron saints of marriage and large families. Last year the number of couples who are raising three or more children exceeded half a million. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Hope Serezhkin – about how life in the big house.

Already in autumn to their family will join the twins Masha and Misha. Now Turkovich seven children from 12 years to one. Parents preparing to buy a home, a certificate for his large family have already received. And while you live in a small flat: one room for boys one for girls.

Marina – chemist, doctor of science. Vladimir – the diver-rescuer of the Ministry. Struggled with the flood in the far East and Kuban, and every spring participates in search operations on the ground.

“In may I returned from the expedition “memory Watch” on the Sinyavino heights. So from all over Russia gathered about a thousand people. Have raised about 700 soldiers found,” says the father Vladimir Churakov.

His Hobbies family Turkovich is for everyone, from small to large. Mom throws violets, boys – fish and snails. To get other animals yet not allow a living space.

Middle daughter Anja likes to paint. “I want us to have a lot of artists and some PRODIG in Russia artists. So I want to pursue my dream to establish his own school,” says the girl.

Junior Kate from three years engaged in artistic gymnastics. In its nine it protects the third sports category. With a summer of international competition brought bronze. According to the coach, upbringing in a large family gives its mark.

“The competition away, when the children for two, three days leave, Katya rides without parents, and this is probably one of the few who have always cleaned the bed, collected things,” says coach Svetlana Kuzmina.

This year it is 18 years since their wedding. Marina and Vladimir met at the Institute, both from small towns. The older daughters raised themselves, in a student dormitory, without nannies and grandmothers.

“Older children should be brought up as assistants. Not as slaves or endless workaholic, but they must understand that the family has some responsibilities. If properly educated, older, the younger looking at older and they do not have to explain what is good and evil,” says the mother of many children Svetlana Churakova.

Now all the strength, inspiration and money they invest in children. And, despite all the difficulties, has never not looked back.