The day of geek — February 14

This day is considered the unofficial day of a geek.

День комп&#039ютерника — 14 лютого

February 14 is celebrated not only Valentine’s Day, lovers of technology and all that goes with it. Thanks to the rapid development of nano-technology, the day of the geek becomes relevant and there is a significant number of it specialists and connoisseurs of PC, informs Rus.Media.


The world’s first computer was financed and created by the us army for computing ballistic tables that were used in aircraft and artillery. The debut car was not similar to modern computers, but was working clearly and properly. The name of the first computer monster was Inc. It was created on 14 February 1946. ENC can rightly be called the father of modern computers, he owned a binary system, counting quite difficult for that time problem. For example, a person was able to do 60 calculations of the trajectories on the calculator 24 hours, computer this work was done in 30 seconds.

Developed computer is the same, but capacity is not enough. Then the Pentagon decided to send him on a holiday. In 1955 5 Oct Enca was dismantled and transferred to the Museum of the Academy of America. He now occupies a place of honor.

The profession of a programmer every year it becomes popular. First you need to obtain a special education, and then to love their job.

Computer scientists working:

  • create programs
  • ensure smooth operation of systems
  • set up the equipment,
  • failures.


In his feast day computer scientists accept congratulations from his superiors, colleagues, relatives and friends. In large companies arrange a variety of activities: seminars, lectures, exhibitions. Not do this day without corporate parties. They colleagues congratulate each other, give themed Souvenirs in the form of figurines, cups, pens, mice, flash drives. Order unusual birthday cakes, wearing t-shirts with computer symbols.

Celebrate this holiday the students and teachers of universities that educate future professionals.

The media highlights issues about innovations in the computer field, and to develop plans for the future. Printed biographies of famous and successful people in this field.