The day of judgment. Today in the Ukraine decide the fate of political prisoner Mehdi Logunova

Судный день. Сегодня на Украине решают судьбу политзаключённого Мехти Логунова

© Monday, November 18, to be held the court in the case of the oldest political prisoner of Ukraine 85-year-old Kharkov scientist-inventor of Mekhti Logunov. His condition inspires serious concerns, however, the appeal against the harsh sentence was repeatedly postponed under false pretenses.Of Mekhti Logunov was arrested August 17, 2017. He was accused of treason (article 111 of the Criminal code of Ukraine): that scientist was going to give the Russians some secret information stored on the flash drive.

As reported by acquaintance with the scientist, publicist and writer, a regular contributor to Konstantin Kevorkian, up to this time Logunov was already in the early development of the SBU — “the reason for this was active citizenship Mehdi of Feofanovich”.

“Being a scientist working in ecology, disposal, recycling of garbage and industrial waste, he immediately turned his attention to the extremely unpleasant and dangerous for Ukraine fact: during one of my first visits to the US, Petro Poroshenko reached agreement with then-President Obama on the disposal of radioactive waste nuclear power plants in Ukraine. Logunov knew that at that time Ukraine had no technical and technological base for processing these wastes (project facility — Centralized repository for spent nuclear fuel came later), and Mehdi Feofanovich began studying the issue at the technical level,” — said Kevorkian.According to the journalist, the scientist sought advice at the Kharkov physical-technical Institute (upti), as it is one of the few Ukrainian research Institute, who studied the problem of processing and disposal of radioactive waste. Although there are no secrets to discuss with specialists reports, the SBU has established logunovi observation.

“Nothing suspicious or illegal his actions were recorded. “Compromising” factor was the anti-war position known scientist and the periodic trip to Russia, where he lived with his elderly and in need of care mother-in-law,” notes Kevorkian. In his opinion, Logunov fell into another wave of detentions and arrests that swept the country during the so-called “missile scandal” when the USA have accused Kiev in the leak of classified data in the DPRK. Then Poroshenko instructed the head of the SBU the Hrytsak for three days to clean up all “suspicious” persons — here and cleaned out those who were already in sight of special services.

At the trial of the 15 prosecution witnesses, only one testified against Logunov. According to the lawyer Dmitry Tsihanenkava, the witnesses for the prosecution “showed nothing, on the contrary, spoke the contrary, that it is nothing bad did, the law is not broken”. There was only one episode with a mysterious flash drive. However, the sentence was severe: 12 years of imprisonment that an elderly scientist is tantamount to a death sentence.

The defense filed an appeal, demanding the abolition of the sentence and close the case. “We believe that was a provocation,” said Tikhonenkov. According to him, Logunov being a serious expert in the processing of industrial waste, was going to implement a number of projects in the Czech Republic and in other countries, in this regard I communicated with many people, figuring out whether they can take part in it.

“One of these people gave him (Logunov — Ed.) the information that he did not need, and send it he was not going anywhere. This was the basis to impose a sentence of 12 years imprisonment,” said the lawyer.

Note that the recorded on the drive information no secrets contains. According to the magazine “Country”, still “at the stage of pre-trial investigation themselves esbeushnik pointed out that the alleged “secret” documents was “Linden”, they were manufactured by the SBU during the “unofficial special investigative experiment”, which is confirmed by relevant Protocol.

Dmitry Tikhonenkov in December of last year told me that Mehdi Feofanovich of many diseases that are in jail it is impossible to treat. Protection was required to take out a scientist in a specialized institution for treatment. But Logunov remained in jail for over a year and three months awaiting appeal decision. The court hearing scheduled for 18 December 2018, 11 April and 4 October 2019 was postponed for unknown reasons. Perhaps the power in the country (although it formally changed since the scholar passed the verdict) considers that the acquittal and release Logunova will be her political defeat.”In fact, wine Logunov that he is the enemy of the Maidan, the peacemaker, he doesn’t consider the Russians enemies, and the war in the East was considered fratricidal”, — said the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Olena Bondarenko, adding: “When Poroshenko put — upon Zelensky continue to hold in prison.”

This means that when the new government is suicidal for Ukraine policy has not changed. In any case, held in Kharkov in October, a rally in defense of Logunov was interrupted by the intervention of security forces controlled by the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists. As said the publication of the the organizer of the rally, the Deputy of the Kharkiv city Council Andrey Lesik, nationalists blocked the way to the jail, were not allowed to speak to the protesters, snatched and tore the sheets with the signatures under the letter to President Vladimir Zelensky. However, the signatures were restored, and the letter with the requirement not to delay the appeal and release of the scientist sent to Kiev on the street.

Andrew Lesik also said that all the “fault” of Mekhti Logunov is only in that ill-fated drive which contains if secret information handed him “the SBU officer or enlisted man.”

“In any appropriate court, the European court and I am sure in the court of appeal is to be regarded as a provocation, a person is not responsible. But the criminal regime of Poroshenko is the case was handled, then the head of the SBU the Hrytsak gave the briefing, told that uncovered a spy network, 17 people. Convicted only of Mehdi Feofanovich. People from the SBU set yourself a check,” said Lesyk.

According to policy, the appeal delay just to wait until the prisoner dies in jail: “it’s all of them are satisfied, those responsible are held accountable, Ukraine will not compensate for material costs, and a lot of money”.Indeed, the health status of the oldest political prisoner of Ukraine raises concerns. During the time spent in jail, Mehdi Feofanovich lost 15 teeth, he cannot eat properly. As noted by Olena Bondarenko, Logunov difficulty walking — “and by reason of advanced age, and because of torture”. In such circumstances, to delay time with consideration of the appeal and the release of political crime.Andrei Lubensky

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