The Day Of St. Nicholas. History I traditions of the Holy

День Святого Миколая. Історія і традиції свята

The day of St. Nicholas Chudotvortsa pravoslaven Christian vjnetcast soroco 19 grudnia and the Catholics — 6 grudnia.

Holy Nicholas — TSE not vigarani character, and real are both smiling zyrim. Mikola — TSE people, yaky becoming a Saint for blagoroden of Vinci I gdne, pravedna life.

The day of St. Nicholas: the history of the Holy

Narodivsya Mikola about 270 rock in MST Patr. VIN vyhovovala in Rodin zamagni Christians, that Dovgy could not mother’s parenting I poorly scho deduce his detinu on sluna God. Mikola becoming a priest I DOPOMOGA banim.

День Святого Миколая. Історія і традиції свята

Holy Mikolaj to vcity vsih kids bootie dobrimi first sluchanko. For good povedinka I Dobri rechi right children in honor of the Holy trimout order, that sahadat Franz 19 grudnia pid with a pillow. Have RSNA Cranach Holy Mikolaj becoming a type noworry folklornyh personal, and in particular Santa Claus Claus I DDA.

The day of St. Nicholas: traditions

Home tradition of the Holy gift ditin. For good povedinka malyuki sahadat pid pillow podarunok — often TSE chocolate, pecivo ABO gingerbread scho was otrimali name ” Mikolajczyk “. At this day people often gotout kutu the compote.
From this day prineto prosieves blagopoluchia when stop in slub — Vili scho Mikola to svodit Dol people . a patron slubu.

School one Garnier I radosna tradition vakrita Navarro alinci for vsih mstah of the country. From this day blastbeats hulanda, concerts, dancing, fairs that blagodir come in.

The day of St. Nicholas: Primate

If winter until the day Nicholas it should be noticed, road safety is not state.Yakscho on Mihalev winter day Zaku, then Mikola Rosco.If the administration of vipada na in bude nastupnogo year a good harvest.That day on Mikola Zimowego, taqiy bude and on Nicholas Thogo, 22 travnia.

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