The deal killers on the Maidan put “under the carpet” Ukraine has learned to Lithuania hide the truth

Дело убийц на майдане кладут «под сукно»: Украина научилась у Литвы прятать правду

Investigation of crimes committed during the protests on the Maidan in 2014 year, officially put on pause. General Prosecutor’s office sends criminal cases to the State Bureau of investigation (UIR). The Agency staff will have to start from scratch, after analyzing 5 thousand volumes of materials. Analytical portal RuBaltic.Ru figured out how investigated the “case of snipers”, and found obvious similarities with the investigation of the events of 13 January 1991 in Lithuania, the aim of which was to hide the true perpetrators of the killings at the Vilnius TV tower.

The Director of RRT novel Pipe frankly admits that for the effective work he is sorely lacking investigators and relatives of the “heavenly hundred heroes” already accuse the government of intention to break up the “case of Maidan”.

However, the team is Zelensky and ruin nothing.

Investigation of Maidan crimes ended 21 February 2014, when Parliament granted Amnesty to all participants of the “peaceful protests” (including those who have committed grave and especially grave crimes).Today reform Zelensky accidentally ricocheted into the “sacred cow” of modern Ukraine — the investigation of the crimes of Maidan. From 20 November, the General Prosecutor’s office will no longer carry out pre-trial investigation in criminal cases. All WIP, it conveys to others.

“Actually, this is the model which Ukraine promised to introduce in 1995 when joining the Council of Europe, and get rid of the Soviet tradition, when the Prosecutor’s office and investigated and supervised the investigation”, — explained the Director of RRT the novel Tube. But he openly admits that his Department is not prepared to effectively cope with new challenges. Because the staff of the state Bureau very small, and “case of Maidan” — is very high.

Five years of investigation and five thousand volumes, which should not just be read and carefully study. How much time it will take?It is not surprising that the relatives of the “heavenly hundred heroes” caught the power in the intention to completely ruin an investigation. The representatives of the legal Advisory group, defending their interests, demanded to create the structure of the RRG a separate office for investigation “case of Maidan” and you put it in there involved in the process of prosecutors. “In such a situation to transmit the cases to the RRT, that is, “nowhere”, or to give them new investigators, means simply to stop the process of investigation not less than six months”, — stated in the message of lawyers.

Yet the government is deaf to their appeals, as well as to calls of the Novel Pipe, which also speaks of the need to transfer him investigator. Although the Director of the RRG claims that a new unit for investigations of crimes on the Maidan will still be created. And lead it can the former head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk — man, under the guidance of which the Prosecutor dashed five thousand volumes of materials and to nothing came. Maybe it’s because this task was not?

This question is eloquently answered by Sergey Gorbatyuk, when the dismissal from the GPU is taken out of the materials of the “case of Maidan”, the two volumes connected with executions of security forces.This information was announced by the lawyer Andriy Portnov. According to his statement, the RRT has already started investigation of possible loss of documents. In parallel with this, the service conducts the investigation and the GPU. The Prosecutor General decided not to waste time on trifles and announced the establishment of a Commission that will deal with the inventory of materials of criminal proceedings and tangible media in the “case of Maidan”.The decision in the best traditions of the new government. In any unclear situation, see command creates a Commission. Commission on legal reform, the standards Commission of the state language and even the Commission on evaluation of the work of the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes…

The attorney-General Ruslan riaboshapka also in the trend: there will now be a Commission that will investigate where the missing materials Maidan criminal proceedings.

With the time and look in the RRG, too, several volumes will be lost. And then to the “heavenly hundred heroes” in the investigators hands just will not come — they will be busy searching for those who is sabotaging the investigation.”The case of the Maidan” looks like a race in which participants are treading water and have already exhausted the time limit. But the distance somehow does not go convincing others that the finish line remains a little.

The team Zelensky had the honor of finally “buried” the investigation of these crimes. Theoretically, there is another option: remove convictions “Berkut”, who are accused of the shootings. Than it is fraught? The fact that all the “schools” of the investigation will come out.

For them the example of Lithuania, where a political trial of a Soviet officer Yuri Grind clearly demonstrated the failure of the national myth about the events of 13 January 1991.The “case of Maidan” in General, many similarities with Lithuanian “case of January 13”. There is also nakropal 800 volumes of the criminal case, holding at the same time to judge the accused in written specifically for trial retroactively laws. For absolute assurance, that it will sit exactly the ones who need to plant the Lithuanian authorities have adopted in the criminal law article prohibiting the denial of the “facts of Soviet aggression”. So, if the Lithuanian judges acknowledged that convicted in absentia by the Soviet military and Yuri Stranded innocent, they would have gone under…

In the next stage, Parliament will be followed by “progressive” Lithuanian example and also introduce criminal responsibility for conversations that “heavenly hundred” shot is not Yanukovych and his people; Kiev has a lot Lithuania has learned.While limited by the fact that the “case of Maidan” trying “to Hackney”. It does not need to bring to conviction his need to be tightened, to swing, to confuse, to fill up with piles of papers and furnish all kinds of commissions. To make it as boring to people, in the end, stopped this topic to be interested. Otherwise it turns out that the people of Ukraine in its sixth year cynically cheated. From the moment when the Verkhovna Rada on 21 February 2014 adopted the law No. 743-VII, thus freeing the “peaceful protesters” from criminal liability for a number of grave and especially grave crimes.

As practice shows, about this law in Ukraine very few people know. Even among those who, it would seem, is obliged to know. Last year on the TV channel NewsOne lawyer Yanukovych Vitaliy Serdyuk mentioned that immediately after the coup, the Parliament adopted a law prohibiting investigate the crimes of Maidan. MP Mosiychuk accused him of lying, leading Vasily Golovanov thought Serdyuk says Amnesty announced under the presidency of Yanukovych. The same argument in my review later repeated Anatoly Shary.

None of them — neither the MP nor the presenter of the popular news channel, not famous works — did not understand that Serdyuk had in mind another law. It expressly prohibits the collection, registration, use, maintenance and dissemination of personal data on individuals who were participants of mass protest actions on the Maidan. In addition, these people a Parliament freed from the responsibility for a number of crimes. For example, for an encroachment on life state or the public figure (article 112 of the Criminal code), sabotage (article 113), intentional grievous bodily injury (article 121), the taking of hostages (article 147) and many more.

The paradox: the very title of the law refers to the prevention, prosecution and punishment of persons in connection with the events that took place during the “peaceful Assembly”.That is, violence to life, serious injuries, hostage-taking are attributes of “peace” stocks.But the funny thing is that the law exempts the protesters from punishment for violent change of government (article 109). As correctly noted by the former Minister of justice Elena Lukash, thus, the Parliament actually recognized the coup.

In practice, the law No. 743-VII, history has demonstrated “activist” Ivan Bell.

He openly admitted that fired on independence in personnel of the internal troops.At first, he was handed a suspicion under article “Premeditated murder”, which the Amnesty does not fall. But when the case involved then-Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, the suspicion is reclassified. Instead of the murder — attempt on life of law enforcement officers. And by law No. 743-VII for that “peaceful protesters” should not be punished.

Why, then, in the GPU and GBR so excited about the loss of two volumes of case materials related to the executions of law enforcement? Yes, even all lose — all the same murderers should not be punished!If the team of the new President really wanted to know the truth and identify those responsible, Parliament ought to repeal the law No. 743-VII. But this one does not even stutter. Support Maidan state, with Zelensky is still strong and reliable.
Alex Ilyashevich

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