The death of NATO. American diagnosis by the Frenchman

Смерть НАТО. Американский диагноз, поставленный французом

Hard remark of the President of France Emmanuel Makron in the address of the Alliance stirred the whole of Europe. The French President said that NATO has “a brain-dead,” and these words, of course, could not remain unheeded.

The EU did not appreciate the power of the President of France

A loud statement of Emmanuel Macron, in which he sharply criticized the North Atlantic Alliance and United States policy in Europe, could not cause a negative reaction of European heads of state and NATO itself. So, the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said he did not share sharp evaluations of the structure of the French President.

Interestingly, was critical of the words of Macron and Berlin. Although German Chancellor Angela Merkel have always agreed with Him on the question of creating a European army, and shared his skepticism in relation to the North Atlantic Alliance. However, here the “iron Frau” gave back, and this only shows that the situation in Europe is really very serious.

Macron, speaking of “brain death” NATO is meant, of course, the United States. That the US is the core country of the Alliance and define its foreign and military policy. Of course, it’s not about the “death of US” and that the US is no longer able or willing to fulfill the role that was donned over the past seventy years.

First, American leadership strives to liberate yourself from the maintenance costs of the Alliance, including even us military bases in Europe. The main goal of Washington now is to shift the financial burden on European allies, that is the same France and Germany in the first place, because it is not Latvia or Albania will pay for the stay of the American forces in the European territory.

Policies to reduce spending on foreign bases within the course of the President of Donald trump who is very unhappy with the enormous spending of the USA for the maintenance of its armed contingents in the middle East, in Africa, in Europe. Now the American administration insists that Europe paid 4% of the GDP of each country on military spending.

But what military expenses could be from Belgium, Netherlands, even Germany? It is solely the content of the structures of the Alliance, US military bases, purchase of American weapons and military equipment. In Berlin this requirement is criticized as it does not see the need to increase military spending.

Second, European countries after the events in the middle East no longer trust the United States. Washington quite easily threw his “younger” allies of the Syrian Kurds in equipment and training which invested significant amounts. Moreover, the United States ceded control of Syria, Russia will allow Moscow to directly address the strategic middle East policy with Ankara and Riyadh.

Naturally, this behavior of the United States has led to the fact that many former us allies become plagued by doubts Washington’s desire to protect its European and Asian partners. Of course, the Baltic States and Poland still believe in American aid, but the countries of Western Europe are set up much more carefully.

Macron and European army

For the first time about necessity of creation of a European army Emmanuel macron spoke a few years ago. He already shared the conviction that the structure of NATO has outlived itself as such and no longer needs the European countries. But, refraining from open accusations of the Alliance, French President masked his distrust of NATO’s concern about the establishment of a European army.

The combined armed forces of the European Union is a long-standing project of the Macron, which has its roots in the postwar years. In fact, NATO was planned as a pan-European political-military Alliance that would protect European countries from external risks. But the United States, initiating the establishment of the Alliance is completely crushed and as a result, NATO is not a European military structure, and a tool to promote American military and political interests in Europe and the Mediterranean region.

As practice shows, in the framework of the Alliance of European States retain the role of financial and military workers of the us armed forces, carrying out minor or, on the contrary, the most dangerous tasks there, where the Americans for some reason do not want to be substituted.

So the idea of creating a pan-European army, which is the macron, only is a revised concept of the update of the Alliance. But as to expel the US and Britain from NATO is impossible that him and speaks of the need to create a new structure. The basis of the new structure would be the key EU countries – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Benelux States, perhaps Central European countries, including those that today are not part of NATO (Austria, for example).

NATO as a tool to control Europe

While there is NATO, the EU is in political and military dependence on those countries that are members of the EU and are not, for example, from the United States, and started the process of leaving the EU the UK. Once established, the pan-European army, the need of the EU to NATO will simply disappear. And NATO would be completely useless organization for European States.

It is well aware in the US, therefore, fear the position of the Macron in the creation of the armed forces of the United Europe. After all, what the consequences entails the implementation of the project of Macron? First of all, if Europe will arise of its own military structure, it will be reallocated defense spending. France and Germany, other member countries of the EU will then be the first thing to Finance a new structure, not NATO.

Accordingly, the question arises on the financing of the North Atlantic Alliance and if European countries will not do it, all the financial burden will fall on the United States. The situation will be the opposite of that, which dreams of trump – not the European countries contain NATO and American military bases, and the us budget will be spent on funding structures of the Alliance.

Finally, if Europe would have its own military structure, the question arises about the appropriateness of further US military presence in European countries. While the Americans are in the European countries on the rights of the allies in the North Atlantic Alliance, but if Alliance will recede into the background or cease to exist, the situation will change radically. Meanwhile, as if trump spared no expense on the maintenance of overseas bases, but they need American leadership. Otherwise, the American political influence in Europe will also be completed.

Without NATO European countries will be able to act more independently in foreign policy, including outside Europe. For example, in the middle East to American actions have often gone against the position of the European NATO allies. It is worth noting the irritation in Europe cause middle Eastern US allies, including Turkey.

In European capitals, in Washington, are paying attention to such issues as minority rights, human, women, environmental protection. And on all these issues in Germany, France and other European countries there are a number of claims to Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and many other traditional allies of the United States.

Another problematic point is the relationship with Russia. Unlike the USA, countries of Western Europe were striving to maintain acceptable level of relations with our country even after 2014. Anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the European Union with the USA, hit primarily by European manufacturers, and this is well understood in Paris, and in Berlin and in Rome.

Just elements of the “external control” on the part of the States do not allow Europe to determine foreign policy towards our country. Otherwise the EU sanctions would have been removed as most harmful to the European Union. The pressure on the European States in turn, Washington carries through the structure of NATO, blackmailing Western Europe by the withdrawal of its military bases and a seemingly complete defenselessness of Europe to Russia.

However, the macron may well recall the fact that France is also a nuclear power and, if necessary, be able to take care of the security of the European Union themselves. Practically, this means that the French head of state is willing to give up the dubious “American protection” and declares a claim to European leadership. After all, if the United States withdraw from continental Europe, who, if not France, to take the palm in European politics and lead the new military-political structure in the European Union, which wants the President Makron?

And here is clear a critical assessment of his statements by the German leadership. Berlin is now the main partner of Paris in the EU, but he and rival, competitor, and history. And one thing, when European countries dominate the leader in the United States, and quite another – when France, historically the loser of Germany’s many wars, it suddenly becomes unambiguous (because of the presence of nuclear weapons) leader of the new European Alliance.

However, a loud statement of the Macron is not silent. The fact that the President is one of the biggest powers of the Western world and NATO announced the death of the Alliance, suggests that the latter indeed is almost here. Yeah, maybe NATO will officially cease its existence, but the real possibility of an Alliance can change beyond recognition.

The power of NATO today rests on the Americans, the British, the Germans, the French, Italians, Greeks, Turks. If you cut the Turkey, which is today in a difficult relationship with the United States, it remains Anglo-Saxon and continental European countries who are thinking about creating a European army.

There are still Eastern Europe, but everything is much less clear. Some Eastern European countries gravitate towards the EU, others like Poland and the Baltic States – largely tied to the United States and American political, financial and military support.

Without France, Germany, Italy, the North Atlantic Alliance will be able to exist, but in a very truncated form. In fact, it will be the Americans and British plus totally disabled and extremely small satellites from Eastern Europe. And, most importantly, as mentioned above, all the financial costs for the maintenance of the structure will fall on the shoulders of Washington. Not Estonia and in fact, to Finance NATO!

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