The death of the American dream

The death of the American dream

If the Statue of Liberty could move, it would hide its face in its hands, in shame, in the aftermath of the most gruesome presidential debate in US history.

How the most powerful country in the world, with the strongest elite, the navel country of the world, holder of the most formidable weapons and the greatest universities, could it degenerate to the point of giving us, the day before last night , a backyard quarrel as a “debate”?

I hope you put your children to bed: it was indecent! A succession of insults and bickering in front of a moderator who did not moderate anything. I spent the whole debate saying to myself: “It can't be! I dream ! No, I wasn't dreaming, but obviously the American Dream is dying … Something is breaking.


Trump and Biden are all the same. One was less rude than the other, you might say. But Joe Biden is not a great politician. This duo of old gentlemen who hate each other and who insult each other as best as possible robs the country of all credibility.

Soon, the destitute who aspire to a better life will no longer dream of emigrating to the United States, where city centers and forests are burning … The same goes for the great professionals who want to shine in their professions and who only dreamed yesterday of the United States to reach the top. A society where the political climate is so poisoned can only put off … In 10 or 15 years, China will take over.


I was listening to the De Gaulle film recently and, no, there is nothing in common between the crass characters of the American electoral pantomime, who are agitating in front of us this fall, and a General or a Winston Churchill.

Is this smallness irreversible? Will there be great politicians in the United States again? I hope so, I hope so … but I hardly believe it.

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