“The death Star”: a billion in misinformation to be re-elected Donald Trump

«L'Étoile de la mort»: un milliard en désinformation pour faire réélire Donald Trump

Once again, in 2020, the maximum exploitation of social networks is at the heart of the re-election campaign. The team of Trump’s plans of spending a billion dollars to circulate his propaganda.

The reporter McKay Coppins was interested in the power of the strategy of the team from Trump after he tried an experiment. After you have opened a fake account Facebook, it is gone, click “like” on sites associated with the president or his campaign.

In record time, it has been buried under a pile of ads, all the more deceptive one than the other. If all the candidates are trying to conquer the web and social networks, Donald Trump is distinguished by the amount of misinformation that it is circulating. Yes, in the tone of his last speech on the state of the Union.

Shaken by the phenomenon, Coppins has decided to observe a little more closely at the operation of the campaign Trump, whose offices are located in Virginia, near Washington. This HQ, nicknamed “the death Star” in reference to Star Wars, impresses with the quality of its facilities. In contrast to the campaign of 2016, all in the entourage of the team exudes the professionalism and planning.

The experts have coined a term to illustrate the efforts to make this invasion of the social networks: the censorship by the noise. Some countries led by leaders of authoritarian have chosen not to censor people directly, preferring to bury him under tons of messages that distort the facts and support the policies of the leaders. Nothing very reassuring, and is particularly transparent.

In the day yesterday, I published a blog in which I insisted on the fact that there are currently very few undecided for the election of 3 November. The strategy republican thus becomes even more important since it promotes the phenomenon of écochambres. No one hammers a single message. The operation of the algorithms of Facebook promotes the development of this type of practice.

One does not simply circulate the false information. The evolution of the strategy is refined to the point where it plays on the formulas used in the message to obtain a maximum effect on the user. We want to radicalize the voter potential for better control. Coppins explains that North Korea and Iran behave in this way to limit the criticism to the leaders and to encourage the adherence or submission to the regime.

The campaign 2020 presents itself as a genuine combat alley where all shots are allowed. Among the weapons the more daunting are the social networks. If you believe that Donald Trump has used in 2016, his machine of the time there is nothing comparable to this year. It is richer, more experienced, and the means for circulating the infamous fake news have reached a level of efficiency that is unmatched.

You may be thinking that the attacks hard and vicious accompany the democratic process for a long time, but never the politicians have been so many ways for shots. They may well be virtual, the pain is sometimes very real at the time of the announcement of the results.

For more information on the findings of McKay Coppins, I invite you to click here .

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