The Declaration of dependence

Декларация зависимости

The neighbor Cache got patrol officers. Take willingly and without competition, the main thing is not lame and with the help of the psychiatrist. The most difficult thing was to fill in the electronic Declaration of the civil servant. Two days he toiled. The system resisted as best they could. When passed this buggy quest, patrol Kesha almost cried: not found partition to the toilet in a suburban yard. Now you can go to prison for false Declaration.

The beauty of e-Declaration that the system is really imperfect, criteria — debatable, because to take over the gills is theoretically possible for any civil servant or politician. Would be the goal. Not suspected of committing criminal offenses under part 3. 368-2 and article 366-1 of the criminal code, is still something to remain innocent up to 30 years. Or sober on new year’s eve if you’re not a taxi driver.

Especially it touches me when a false Declaration attracts all sorts of millionaires type of Konstantin Zhevago, who was accused of hiding financial obligations to UAH 10 million in 2016 and more than 9 million UAH. in 2017. Think about what the guy’s business volume, there features a leg break. But nothing hooked.

In General, the list of those who presented suspicion or administrative reports, very personable. Former Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian; former head of the State audit service Lydia Gavrilova (this is the service that all the shakes — gorevidal); former Finance Minister Alexander danyluk; acting Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova; the head of the NBU Yakov Smoliy.

Often fall into these networks and big city mayors: the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov; the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov, the former head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Kostiantyn Bryl.

MPs — so those after one miss. Caught Viktor Shevchenko, Igor Kononenko, Dmitry Svyatash, Denis Jezersko. Of the last — the friend Vitali Klitschko Dmitry Belotserkovets. Disgraced? Bit. But who are they doctor that did not consider their wealth?!

Prosecutors do it too. Nazar Golodnitsky, head of SAP, contributed to the Declaration of false information about right of use of property, identification number of the car and the funds are lent to third parties. It turned out that the right to rewrite its problem for him.
And the icing on the cake – a suspicion due to undeclared car the former head of the National Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP) Natalia Korchak, who recently led the search of false information in declarations. On the same rake come.

Are they all so stupid and careless can’t hide the ends in water? Korczak was particularly striking: you’re on this “farm” work. Really can not someone to ask for help? As said Raikin: watch the pharmacy — have wool. And then the shoemaker without shoes.

Actually the problem is really in the system. Ukraine imposed an unprecedented model of electronic Declaration, which is not anywhere in the world. This was publicly acknowledged by the Deputy head of the presidential Administration Dmytro shymkiv during a briefing on the results of the work of the office of the national Council of reforms.

“This level of publicity does not exist in any country in the world, it is a fact. You will not find in the registers of the European community information on cash politicians and public servants, you will not find information about their personal things,” whether boasted, whether he complained.

It’s true, guys. None of the Declaration systems — neither in the US nor in Russia, where it appeared much earlier than ours, does not require counting your cash, evaluate cufflinks and make a Declaration of Holy relics. In Russia, the deputies are required to disclose on a regular basis only to vehicles, property and land (but not of financial and business assets). In the United States and is declared only those assets that generate income (that is, the Congressman can be a very expensive yachts and cars, but to reveal them, he is not obliged to).

Also almost never declared the property of relatives: children, parents, domestic partners who are linked, the so called way of life or have mutual rights and obligations. Silly wording, which you can turn and so, and syak.

Neither the President of France Emmanuel macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel not declare the property and income of the children. From European countries only in France there is a public register of declarations of state officials, starting with a certain rank. A detailed questionnaire of the Secretary of the mayor or of the police constable you will not find it.

In most countries, open access involves disclosure only a brief report on the official government website. Recently forced to disclose their records of officials and deputies in Romania. Because they have for a long time is exemplary fight against corruption, a bunch of high-ranking officials behind bars. But corrupt things are there.

Criminal liability for errors in declarations exists only in the Balkan countries, the same in Romania, and Georgia. Latvia and Lithuania (introduced, when preparing for EU accession), the mafia of Italy, the UK and the USA. But as we wrote above, we are talking about withholding current income. The property is not declared.
At the time Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron announced the Declaration of their income (more than 200 thousand pounds per year) to refute the information that he owned shares in the offshore Fund, open to his father. So — the fact of the publication of the full details of the Declaration was an event for England. And we have to calculate how much cash the godfather, the matchmaker and the head — the usual entertainment for the evening family entertainment.

I sometimes think that some of the pundits, knowing that their wealth will study friends and enemies, knowingly to ascribe yourself too much. I want to show that you do not goof, says our President. A property qualification in determining who is the sucker and who is not, in our country plays a crucial role.

Well, well, looks like we have applied special measures to combat corruption as a particularly dangerous recidivist. Pulled under is it legal assurance that nobody getting out of this: the introduction of declarations on incomes and property of public officials is enshrined in the Convention of United Nations against corruption (article 8). To challenge — it is impossible.

In 2005, a Polish official was tried in the European court of human rights to challenge the submission of the property Declaration, citing the fact that a certain law duty to disclose details of its financial and property status violates article 8 of the European Convention on human rights. But it was quickly put in place.

Very curious was the wording of the judgment. The ECHR found that the requirement to submit a Declaration and publishing it online was an interference with the right to respect for private life. But since official their taxes contains the population, the General public has a right to know how he lives. And such interference is justified. All! Nafig from the beach! No wriggle out.

One deputatsha from “public Servants” had recently made the Declaration of his cat. Right. In any case, it is necessary to secure. And then find during the search of valuable cat — as unaccounted confiscated property of animal origin. And there’s a chance to present the Declaration and to demand to give a cat for safekeeping. Until the end of his sentence for false Declaration. I hypothetically was joking, but every joke, as you know, just a joke, and everything else — our specific realities.

Egor Smirnov
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