The Democrats organized a protest in chişinău

PHOTO : Vadim Denisov/TASS


In Chisinau today, a protest was held. It was organized by the leaders of the democratic party of Moldova. On the main square gathered thousands of people. Protesters unhappy with the formation of a new government, voted for by the deputies from the block “AKUM” and socialists. On the situation in the country – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Olesea Cazacu.

Democrats at the rally said that a coalition between the socialists and the bloc “AKUM” is illegal. The constitutional court did not recognize a government headed by Maia Sandu, voted for by both parties. Today the court ruled that the dismissal of the President Igor Dodon. His duties were temporarily assigned on the Prime Minister from the Democrats Pavel Filip. He has dissolved Parliament and called early elections.

“Early elections will be held September 6 and we will do our best to be outfitting the parliamentary and presidential elections were held, – said the Chairman of the Democratic party of Moldova Vlad plahotniuc.

Deputies from the party of socialists and the bloc of “AKUM” continued to work in Parliament. They asked the UN to assess the situation in Moldova.

“Our opponents, I mean the Democratic party, Plahotniuc does not want to admit and don’t want to peacefully transfer power. We appealed to international partners to ensure that they made, if it is even possible mediators, let them come, every. Form a group of three or four to was a peaceful transition of power. Because if you do not succeed the peaceful transition, of course, can reach the situation before the withdrawal of the people,” he stated.

Is it going to come tomorrow appointees from Cabinet jobs. The entrance to the government was blocked by the police. There you will find a tent camp of protesters. Maia Sandu, the day before was elected Prime Minister, appealed to the security forces.

“Provide access to government institutions to ensure that the new government could start work. There is no other way. Peacefully, with the law at the head table, the government must start to work. I order you to fulfill your duty to the country and its citizens”, – said the leader of the bloc “AKUM” Maia Sandu.

Tent cities appeared in Chisinau the night before. Protesters camped outside the government, constitutional court, General Prosecutor’s office and the interior Ministry. Say they will leave only after early elections.

On events already spoke key foreign partners. Embassy of the Russian Federation stated that it “supports the efforts of the parliamentary parties on forming a viable coalition and establish a government.” Embassy of the United States also expressed support for the political parties to overcome the ongoing political impasse. The EU delegation called on politicians to remain calm and expressed hope that the Association agreement Moldova and the EU will continue to operate.