The democrats rejoice in the elections in Wisconsin

Les démocrates se réjouissent des élections au Wisconsin

You may not have not forgotten the images controversial of several voters who, in spite of the epidemic and the policy of containment, came out to vote last week.

I regarded as irresponsible the decision not to postpone the vote in the democratic primary in the month of June. The days that had preceded the vote had been animated by an arm of iron between the democratic governor and the republican majority in the Congress of the State. The governor had exceeded his rights by delaying the election by the decree, but the supreme Court of Wisconsin had ruled in favour of the republicans.

In addition to voting for the democratic primary, the voters of the State had to renew the mandates of some elected officials and to vote on a referendum question, but also vote for a seat in the supreme Court of Wisconsin.

If the voting process has been controversial because of the risks involved, the results released this morning contain information that should help to encourage the democrats to redouble our efforts to return to a State that has leaned on the side of Donald Trump in 2016.

As expected, Joe Biden has topped Bernie Sanders. This can build trust is that the former vice-president gets a margin that is especially comfortable and positive feedback in this Condition the pivot point. The count is not finished yet, but it will get close to 65% of the vote. An impressive result if we recall that Sanders had handed Hillary Clinton a humiliation and defeat in 2016.

More than the performance of the democratic candidate for the election of 2020, this are the results for the seat of the supreme Court who allow the democrats a chance for victory in November. The post at stake in the election was that the judge’s conservative Daniel Kelly.

While Wisconsin is particularly influenced by the polarization and that the results of the elections are very often tight, the judge progressive Jill Karofsky has won a victory in relatively comfortable by a margin of 11%. It seems clear that the voters wanted to pass on a message to the conservatives and the republicans: to force us to vote, sometimes in person, in the midst of the epidemic, was not a good idea.

I have often repeated that in 2016, Donald Trump won by margins of less than 1% in the three States that favored the democrats for the past several electoral cycles: the Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Before considering to convert republican States like Arizona, the democrats should consider returning to the three States which constituted what they called their firewall or “firewall”. The results announced today indicate that the task is not herculean.

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