The dependence of the image of the ideal women from the self-esteem of men: research psychologists

Psychologists have identified features of ideas about the ideal woman in men with different self-esteem.

Залежність образу ідеальної жінки від самооцінки чоловіка: дослідження психологів

The sample consisted of three age groups of men: 18-24 years 26-32 years 33-40 years. Self-esteem was measured by the method of study self-assessment T. Dembo-S. Rubinstein in the modification of P. V. Anishina, as a result, the respondents were divided into four groups according to the level of self-esteem: too high, high, medium and low, informs Rus.Media.

The idea of the perfect woman was measured by the semantic differential. Data were processed by factorial and cluster analysis.

The study revealed that in General men see as the ideal woman, that corresponds to the traditional feminine: caring, understanding, honest, faithful, and… slender.

But in men with different self-assessment there are some differences in views about the ideal.

Those whose self-esteem not low, the image of an ideal woman prevail in traditional “female” characteristics (not vulgar, clean, household, understanding), men with high self-esteem – a more “emancipated” features (purposeful, independent, with character).

Interestingly, both groups of respondents the image of the ideal women has a significant relationship with the images of “my girl” and “the perfect wife” – probably the participants in the study give the ideal of the virtues of their beloved.

In men with high self-esteem ideal of the marital relationship is associated primarily with motherhood, with those characteristics that describe the typical “motherly” way, explains the author, Professor of General and social psychology, Tyumen state University Elena Zaruba.

“Men with an average self-image of an ideal woman consists of those characteristics which reflect her attitude towards other people (emotional, loyal and the like).”

In General, the respondents combine the images of “female cover” (model), “modern woman” and “frivolous woman” in one cluster, and it misses the image of the “ideal woman.”

This shows the disparity between the way women are, which is broadcast media, and the feminine ideal that are present in the ordinary consciousness of men.

“The study showed that in the minds of respondents “good” the traditional image of women is contrasted with “negative” the modern way”, – said Elena Zaruba.