The deposed President of Sudan sentenced to two years in prison

Свергнутый президент Судана приговорен к двум годам тюрьмы

The deposed President of Sudan sentenced by a court in the capital, Khartoum, to two years in prison on charges of corruption, reports channel “al Jazeera”.

75-year-old Omar al-Bashir was found guilty of illegal possession of foreign currency, receiving money from abroad and laundering of illicit proceeds. Because of the age he will serve his sentence in a correctional centre.

Al-Bashir was deposed by the military in April after months of mass protests. They began under economic slogans, but turned into a demonstration demanding the resignation of the President.

In the Sudan against the former President opened two more criminal cases. In may he was indicted on charges of incitement and involvement in the murder of protesters, and this week he was summoned for questioning about his role in the military coup of 1989, which brought him to power.

In addition, he has two arrest warrants by the International criminal court. There he was charged with genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed during the military conflict in the Sudanese province Darfur.

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