The deputies figured out how to protect migrant workers

Ukrainian workers will make the roster and will be obliged to pay contributions to the Fund of well-being.

Депутати придумали, як захистити трудових мігрантів

The deputies figured out how to help the Ukrainian migrant workers the millions who go abroad. March 14, a group of parliamentarians (mainly in BPP), introduced in the Council a massive bill (No. 10153), which aims to solve the problem of migrant workers both within the country and abroad, informs Rus.Media.

To this end, in the country want to establish a new Executive authority and subordinate to his Ministry. It is the Agency to write new rules for employment intermediaries, and also help the employees themselves.

In addition, it should establish a register of migrants, to give them all a special identity Card “for Ukrainian migrant”, and also to establish a Foundation for well-being. The latter will Fund all programs for migrant workers. For example, organizing a round-the-clock international support, to spend educational and entertaining events abroad, to pay allowances in certain cases to help with employment. For example, by creating a database of vacancies, labor intermediaries, etc.

That’s just be financed by the Fund will be at the expense of the workers themselves. The bill clearly indicates that the budget had not received a penny. And the funds will be collected through annual membership fees from migrants (in exchange for the issued card and insurance), voluntary payments from legal and physical persons, and from other lawful sources.” Exactly how much will be taken from the migrant workers – the bill does not specify. Ramsar contribution should be determined by the regulator.

However, the draft law does not prescribe mandatory human participation in the support program. At least, if to work she will go without the help of the new Agency. However, this does not mean that the project will be voluntary.

If the MPs will support the initiative of his colleagues, the norms of the law will come into force on the day following the publication of the document. Cabinet is given 2 months to create a new Agency and bringing all legislation into compliance with the law.