The deputies in the Telegram found coordinator of meetings paid from the Dnieper: Invited to Kyiv for UAH 300, on 8 December

Депутаты в Telegram нашли координатора платных митингов из Днепра: Приглашали в Киев за 300 грн на 8 декабря

The group met in the river near the office of the party Poroshenko, sending it at approximately 23:00 on 7 December.

Депутаты в Telegram нашли координатора платных митингов из Днепра: Приглашали в Киев за 300 грн на 8 декабря

Residents of the Dnieper was invited to go to Kiev to participate in the rally for 300 UAH, which is scheduled for 8 декабряTelegram Max Bianciardi deputies from “public Servants” Maxim Buzhansky and Alexander Dubinsky found in the messenger Telegram coordinator of meetings paid from the Dnieper, which offered local residents to go to Kiev for a rally for 300 UAH. Relevant post policy were placed in their Telegram channels.

“The trip to Kiev. Please spread among friends. Gather a group for a free trip to Kiev on a comfortable bus. Check-out – 7.12. 2019, at approximately 23:00. Street Sichevskyi Embankment, near the spot shop “right Bank”. Landmark – office of the party Poroshenko. You will have enough time to walk around Kiev, then you will need to take part in the peace rally, which will take a couple of hours, for which each will receive compensation in the amount of 300 UAH”, – said the coordinator of the peace rally, to be held in 8 December in the Ukrainian capital.
It is noted that after participation in a mass event at the end of the evening the bus will return back to the Dnieper. According to the organizer of the event, the Telegram will be created a group of participants, which later will report on spring activities. It is possible that it will be a trip added the person who proposed to go to a paid rally in Kiev on December 8.

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Commenting on this message, Buzhansky ironically noted that “300 UAH is the price of the territorial integrity of the country.”

Earlier, police said that on Sunday-Monday, 8-9 December, in Kiev is expected to hold several mass actions. Claimed by the organizers the number of participants is several tens of thousands of persons.

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