The deterioration in the Donbass – why and who benefits?

Обострение в Донбассе – зачем и кому выгодно?

So, let’s see. On the front of the Donbass have found the death of four Ukrainian soldiers. Dead – Marines of the 36th det Marines named rear Admiral Michael Belinsky, based in Nikolaev.

Earlier in this brigade have already been cases of mass death of the Marines: January 8, 2017 three hit a mine, and 14 February 2018 in a boarding house near Shirokino were killed four soldiers in the early morning when everyone was asleep. Mines one by one was blown up several military brigade.

All the years of participation in the armed conflict in the Donbass 36th det Marines lost 24 soldiers. The recent loss of headquarters Operations of joint forces blamed on “armed forces of the Russian Federation and its mercenaries,” the NSDC Secretary of Ukraine – at “militants”, looking from the US state Department’s Kurt Volker – General on “Russian troops” and the President Zelensky in his emergency message on August 6 in social networks anyone not specifically accused, limiting a hint: “Today the whole world saw exactly who do not want peace”. It is felt that even in the search for the guilty “in is no agreement”: the Walker in the head there is a “war of Ukraine with Russia”, at the headquarters of the EP formulation is vague, and danyluk generally in an emphasis does not see “Russian troops”, which is clearly visible to the American emissary.

According to the version voiced by the Ukrainian side chief of staff Ruslan Hamakom, “it was a shot from a grenade launcher, to which was bolted a mine that was in the trench, where the military conducted the engineering equipment of positions.” He Homchak received information from the commander of the 36th det Marines Andrew Gnutova. The observer brigade received a report of an explosion SPG-9 or mines 82 caliber. “After verifying the information, when the observer moved close to the blast site, he found four soldiers, who of mine-explosive injuries of signs of life have not filed,” – said Gnatov.

In other words, a soldier of the 36th det Marines heard the explosion and then saw the victims of mine-explosive traumas. Found the funnel. That is the military the 36th det Marines is likely to hit a mine. But then this someone needed to build a story about the violation of the truce. And poured the Fudge on “a specially converted mine” that “Russian troops” had to start in the trenches of the 36th det Marines not from a mortar and that the enemy had left the position from which this speciei shot and there is no longer appeared, so the APU is not able to respond to the shelling.

Weird stories are not privy to the intricacies of military Affairs person. If LDNR so eager to break the truce, which was to reinvent the wheel and shoot at the positions of AFU special mine not a mortar? In addition, the positions of the armies of the DNI and LC are well known to staff, and there is no mine, allegedly tied to the shot grenade launcher (!), to the trenches of the 36th det Marines not reach, therefore, to explain the phenomenon of tied and converted mine had been invented any other positions of the DNI and LC, momentary that APU even fix did not.

In General, complete hogwash. Question – to whom and for what purpose it was needed? It is clear that the same Volcker dumplings do not feed – let me make another stupid statement about “Russian army” in Donbass. To assist in resolving the conflict this character has failed at all, but it is very useful to the employer in promoting the sale of American arms to Ukraine. But why Zelensky himself to inflate the tragic case on the front of the Donbass before an emergency meeting with security officials, Putin calls and Macron calling in the near future to hold a meeting in the “Normandy format”? “How many more people must die? I want us to be contrary to all diplomatic agreements, like human beings primarily react to each other and realized that this meeting occurred in the near future”, – said the President of Ukraine press.

It is felt that it is extremely important this meeting is, since it will help to share the responsibility for decisions on the Donbass with Russia, France and Germany (ideally Zelensky would like the extended format of the meeting – the participation of the US and the UK). Or in the absence of these solutions. “We need very urgently in the near future to meet the leaders of “Norman Quartet”, to watch each other in the eye and stop this war.” Independently to stop her Zelensky is unable, although he has all the powers.

The President of France Emmanuel macron his Ukrainian counterpart, who lately doesn’t look right, consoled and promised to talk with Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel about the possibility of meeting in the “Norman format.” It is known that on August 19 he takes the head of the Russian state, as expected, the château Fort de Bregancon, on the French Riviera.

So “very urgent” and “soon” as want Zelensky, will not work. And the death of four soldiers, which the Ukrainian side tried to present the breakdown of the truce is unlikely to help the new Ukrainian President to turn from the inner orbit to the international. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian “party of war” is already unwinding spiral of confrontation with Zelensky, and overseas American-canadian “diyaspora” that wants eternal war with Russia, did not recognize him as their representative after the meeting in Canada. On the contrary, it has matured the opinion that Zelensky have to either hate Russia with all my heart and to demonstrate their militancy, either and it will be located “revolution gidnost”.

The closest call for the President of Ukraine – 24 Aug, independence Day, on which the “war party” preparing your scenario.
Yarina Soup

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