The difficult marriage of Stephen Hawking and living under the same roof with her lover

What is known about the personal life of the legendary scientist (photo).

Нелегкі шлюби Стівена Хокінга і життя під одним дахом з коханцем

The famous English physicist Stephen Hawking, whose death became known on the morning of March 14, was one of the most talented scientists of our time. He has made impressive progress in the field of science, but his personal life, despite two formal marriage was very difficult, reports Rus.Media.

Currently known facts about the marriages of Stephen Hawking with student Jen Wilde and nurse Elaine Mason, a divorce and rumors about bullying second wife over the scientist.

First marriage and two men in the house Hawking

In the early 1960s, doctors put the young Hawking’s diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and sounded a little comforting figure – 2-2. 5 years of life. Shortly after this at Oxford University, the young man met with a student, and Jen Wilde. As later told the girl, drew her open with a wide smile Hawking and his large gray eyes.

When the students had a relationship, the future scientist had the opportunity to speak and to move independently. The girl was not scared of the diagnosis of doctors and Hawking answered a confident “Yes.” The couple married in 1965, at the wedding pictures Hawking is portrayed with a cane.

Two years later the couple had their first child, in 1968, was born second, in 1969 the third. On the shoulders of Jen Wilde went more and more responsibilities, while Hawking is becoming weaker. Taking care of three children and a sick husband, who was already in a wheelchair, the girl was so exhausted and fell into depression.

After some time, Wilde decided to bring home a man who can take care of her children after the death of Stephen. Offer literally live under the same roof with the lover of Hawking is perceived not easy, but with great resentment and reluctance, had agreed. To some extent, and because he was sure of impending death. So in the house of the scientist was his friend – musician Jonathan Jones, but his wife still had to save Hawking’s life.

In 1985, he contracted pneumonia, the illness was so severe that doctors raised the issue of disabling the Hawking off of life support. However, the woman refused to accept this and continued to care for her husband to complete his recovery. After the tracheotomy scientist forever lost the ability to speak, but was still alive.

Second marriage and the rumors of nightmares in a family of scientists

Barely having time for kids, Jan Wilde came to the conclusion that the family will need a sitter. The wife of an engineer with the surname Mason, which was built for Hawking machine language, was unemployed. In the late ‘ 80s Elaine Mason was offered a nurse for physics.

Elaine Mason was careful and accurate, carried out with scientists a lot of time. The family members began to notice that their “working” relationships grow closer. So in 1990, Hawking married for the second time and moved to another apartment with his babysitter. However, it was said that on this delicate relationship of the newly made couple was over.

In the police repeatedly received anonymous letters that claimed to Elaine Mason Hawking deliberately cute in an overly hot or cold water. One summer she left the scientist in the courtyard under the scorching sun and took away a computer mouse, through which a physicist could call for help. Then Hawking was taken to the hospital with severe burns and sunstroke.

Close to the woman’s family claimed that Elaine lowered her husband down the stairs in a wheelchair, called “club” and otherwise humiliated him. One day the daughter of Stephen Hawking came to visit his father and found his new wife tipsy in the company of other men. At this time He was sitting alone in the corner of the room.

Considering the complaint, the police repeatedly interrogated the scientist, however, he categorically denied the physical abuse of the wife. Relatives are sure that he did so only because I was embarrassed to admit his impotence and vulnerability to Elaine Mason.

Evidence of such a difficult family life the children of the scientist recognized the divorce of the pair in 2006. He Stephen Hawking is thanked Elaine for what she enabled him to live.

Recall, contrary to forecasts of doctors, Stephen Hawking has lived a full 76 years. The death of the scientist on the morning of March 14 at his home in Cambridge.

Нелегкі шлюби Стівена Хокінга і життя під одним дахом з коханцем

Нелегкі шлюби Стівена Хокінга і життя під одним дахом з коханцем

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